Mesa Airlines, Inc. has announced that it has exceeded $1 million paid in monthly incentive bonuses to employees since the inception of the program in May 2014. The monthly bonus program rewards Mesa employees for outstanding operational performance and top customer service scores from passengers.

Since Mesa’s monthly employee incentive program began, the airline has also added 30 new E175 aircraft to its United Express operation and 13 CRJ900s to its fleet operating for American. In addition, during this time, hundreds of Mesa employees transitioned from Charlotte to Dallas/Fort Worth for American and from Chicago to Washington Dulles for United.

“We are extremely proud of the exceptional performance achieved as a result of the hard work of our people,” said Chairman and CEO Jonathan Ornstein. “Despite the huge move from Charlotte to Dallas for American, transitioning our Chicago-based United fleet to Dulles and adding 43 aircraft, our people have continued to provide industry-leading service in terms of on-time performance and on-board customer service.  We are pleased to have paid our employees more than $1 million for their performance through this period of transition and exceptional growth. Not only does this level of performance ensure our existing operations, it is a real ‘selling point’ when we are competing for new business.”

Paul Foley, Mesa’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that we added so many aircraft to our fleet and all were in service on or ahead of schedule. Working together with our frontline employees, we believe Mesa is incredibly well positioned to take advantage of future growth opportunities.”

Mesa currently operates a fleet of 113 regional jets under the American Eagle, US Airways Express and United Express brands. With current scheduled deliveries, Mesa’s fleet will grow to 115 by the end of this month. In addition, for the third consecutive year, Mesa Airlines’ Maintenance and Engineering Department was awarded the FAA’s prestigious Diamond Award of Excellence.