All corporate event planners know the time and effort that goes into planning their next big meeting in Phoenix. From booking the right venue to finding the perfect caterer, being a corporate event planner is no easy role. On top of everything, if your attendees can’t arrive on time, or even at all, all those efforts go to waste.

But what if there was an easier way to ensure attendees arrive on time, stay organized, and focus entirely on the event? There is! Many event planners end up chartering a bus to help keep their corporate event running smoothly from beginning to end. A charter bus is an easy, yet professional way to give attendees a guaranteed ride to and from the event, while providing comfort and entertainment options for a memorable ride.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why corporate event planners should consider chartering a bus the next time they’re planning an event:

Don’t Leave Guests to Fend For Themselves

Oftentimes, corporate event attendees are coming from outside of Phoenix. Whether they’re arriving at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport or driving, they’ll be in an unfamiliar city, unsure of traffic patterns, public transportation options, and the best routes to take. While rideshare apps and public transportation offer a viable option, they can still end up being unreliable and costs can quickly add up.

Transportation stress can easily take a toll on attendees’ overall event experience, as well as contribute to disorganization. A charter bus rental dedicated to your corporate event is foolproof way to ensure guests have an enjoyable time without the hassles of securing transportation on their own.

Keep Your Event Organized and On Time

The strict schedules of corporate events can really make or break the entire experience if its not followed properly. When you have important keynote speakers, workshops, and other planned activities, time is of the essence, and the day has to stay on track for your event to be successful and effective. When your entire company is attending an event, separating employees between different cars and public transportation can lead to late arrivals and disorganization.

Instead, load your company onto a private charter bus rental. They’ll arrive together, on time, and fully focused on making it a great, educational event. If your corporate event spans across different venues, a minibus rental is the perfect way to shuttle attendees back and forth to keep everything running smoothly. Setting up a shuttle service for your corporate event is easy and will guarantee everyone will arrive stress-free. Plus, with a personal bus rental, you have the freedom to have some drinks (even on-board) and explore the city afterwards.

Enhance the Experience with Premium Amenities

Who wants to cramp themselves onto the crowded Metro with complete strangers, especially when you’re wearing one of your best suits? With a private motorcoach, the whole group can ride together with familiar people in a clean, comfortable setting.

When you charter a bus, you’re often given the choice to request special amenities for a more enjoyable ride, giving corporate event planners more control over their event’s experience. Event planners can request an all-black interior for a completely professional atmosphere, and amenities like reclining seats, air conditioning, and on-board restrooms provide complete comfort through the entire event. Plus, with WiFi and power outlets available to all passengers, attendees can stay productive anywhere they go.

Make event planning easier by working with a professional charter bus rental company like GOGO Charters. They’ll help you organize the right transportation for easier event planning, giving you more time to focus on other details of your corporate event. For completely streamlined bus rental services, call GOGO Charters at 480-776-0065 today!


Julia Repisky is a contributing writer at GOGO Charters.