If you’ve had a bad experience with a domestic cleaning service before, it can be extremely difficult to trust another cleaning service in your home. Whether the cleaner you had before wasn’t reliable, broke something valuable, or didn’t do a very good job, it can make allowing other cleaners into your home a real challenge.

Today, we’d like to try and bring some trust back and help you find a domestic cleaning company that you absolutely love. After all, you likely had a domestic cleaner before for a very good reason, a reason that is probably still present in your life. So, if you don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself, but are wary of hiring a domestic cleaner because of bad past experiences, here are some ways of finding a great cleaner that you can trust.

How to find a trustworthy domestic cleaning service

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is still an incredibly powerful tool for cleaning services. If anyone you know has had bad service, they won’t even wait for you to ask to tell you all the gory details. In fact, you may have done just that when you had your bad experience with your last cleaner.

If you’re looking for another domestic cleaner, ask your neighbors, friends and family. If they’ve had experience with some local cleaning companies, they can give you a real insight into what it’s like to be a customer of those cleaning companies.

Online reviews

Another reliable resource for real-world reviews and experience with domestic cleaners is online reviews. Reviewers online can be just as brutal as your neighbors, friends and family when they’ve had a bad experience. So, when looking into cleaning companies for your home, look at their reviews. There are many review sites to look at, but Trustist, Checkatrade and Trust Pilot are good places to start. You’ll find real reviews from real past customers of the cleaning companies in your local area and can see what they are like to have in your home.

There are also some really important things that domestic cleaning companies should do for their customers and staff, including:

Look for domestic cleaning companies with insurance

If a cleaner breaks something, it is nice to know that there is a plan in place to either replace the item or give you money towards buying the item again. Sadly, there are some domestic cleaners that would rather sweep all of this under the rug and pray you don’t notice.

However, if a cleaning company has liability insurance, this is a very good sign that the company is honest and open in these situations. Cleaners have liability insurance so that they can deal with these situations quickly for their customers. If a cleaner has insurance, it means you can trust them to do what’s right if something is broken in your home. But it also suggests they are trustworthy in all aspects of cleaning and business too.

Do they train their staff?

You’d be surprised how many people are handed a hoover and duster and left to run wild in people’s homes. When a cleaning company provides full training to their staff, it means that they are investing in their staff and that they have high standards of how the cleaners need to clean their customer’s homes.

It also means that the cleaners know the right chemicals to use in which situation and the wrong ones to use too. Fully trained cleaners do the job properly and mean that the company isn’t just relying on the fact that everyone has cleaned their home before so they must know what they are doing!

Are they paying a living wage?

This may seem strange, but if a cleaning company is paying the living wage to their cleaners, it can make a massive difference to the overall cleaning experience. Firstly, paying the living wage means the cleaning company is, once again, investing in their cleaners. They are paying a fair wage to attract good quality, trustworthy and hard-working cleaners. Which is great for you.

However, it also means that the cleaners only need one job to actually make a living. This means that the cleaner isn’t overworked and tired and is much less likely to miss cleaning tasks during an appointment. By cleaning companies offering a living wage, it attracts better cleaners and ensures they can focus on the cleaning tasks for the customers.

We understand that trusting a cleaner in your home after having a bad experience can be difficult. Still, we hope this domestic cleaning article has gone some way to helping you build some trust in your local cleaners again and will help you know what to look for in a cleaning company in the future.