Back in the days the older generation of people always used to browse leaflets and brochures checking the discounts on various products. We remember them browsing around the products in the leaflets looking for what products to buy considering their discounts. However, nowadays we live in an area where we carry technology with us everywhere such as in our pockets, at home, bars, etc. Considering this major technology shift nowadays youngsters prefer checking leaflets online. To check if this is really the case, we wanted to ask the most credible person on the matter, the manager of Kimbino. According to the manager of Kimbino:

“Young people (aged 25-34) love browsing online leaflets mostly. It’s a myth that older people are the ones who do, but the younger generation is getting more into the habit of checking online leaflets and this number has started to grow slowly.”

When asked which offers do youngsters mostly check, the Kimbino Manager answered:

Lidl offers are the most popular among adults, they love the discounts the Lidl offers. Probably increasing the number of vegan products and the friendly prices that they have met the expectations of youngsters.”

Is watching leaflets by elder people a myth?

Kimbino is a project which gathers all online leaflets from famous brands and stores and shares them with you all in one place with all the available discounts. It’s no surprise that the young people love browsing Kimbino’s leaflets too. Additionally, this way we raise the awareness of keeping mother earth safe and healthy and contribute to its well-being.

According to the data gathered in an interview, it turns out that people ranging from ages 25 to 34 are more likely to frequently check leaflets.

Graph: Age distribution of online visitors on

The elder generation love the online space

The second biggest group of online visitors are the elder ones (65+). Last year during COVID-19 their online presence has increased dramatically. Since last year we experienced a major change in the way that we communicate even with our family members from young to older relatives. So, the usage of technology is not rocket science for elderly people which most of them own smartphones now. It’s really coming to a point where the generation gap is getting smaller year by year. An idea that the more technically skilled your fifties are the faster you will reach your senior years.

According to the MarketingCharts Study survey, people also ages 50 to 68 are more prone to responding to direct mail campaigns, which tells that 3 out of 10 responders have been influenced to purchase the advertised product for the prior 6 months.

The controversy about digital and print ads

To advertise your business, you want to make the most out of what you spend since every organization deals with a different budget. It is important to figure out a marketing strategy that your business will benefit from the most whether that is online or traditional. The controversy about digital and print ads is a conversation that advertisers have had to confront for quite some time however, many marketers continue to use both techniques.

They provide the customer with information at a more affordable price which many marketers find more convenient in comparison to printing out hundreds of leaflets. When people would try to get the word out about their business and products, they would send out leaflets that ended up being thrown away.

Many businesses have turned to using digital leaflets for the benefit that it is easily distributed and accessible with only a few clicks to reach the desired destination. It’s also easier to update the products in a digital leaflet rather than printing them out and spending additional money and putting the environment at risk since most people seem to just ignore and not even pick them up.

Additionally, 90 percent of the items found in these stores are branded as their own and you can check their offers on their catalogs for daily deals and weekend specials. These stores offer are all in digital format leaflets that you can browse at Kimbino accessible anytime using your smartphone or computer for free. So if you are business selling products, we recommend you to join this platform.

How Successful Is Leaflet Distribution – Advantages and Disadvantages

The success of leaflet distribution is generally based on the correctness and the delivery of the advertisement. According to Infographic Journal, 48 percent of people that have received a leaflet either visited a shop, asked for information, or even bought the product. Whereas 79 percent of people only look at them when received, 38 percent keep them for a few days, and 13 percent of people keep them for more than a week.

Marketing your business is an essential step for your business to grow and succeed. Many people tend to overlook leaflet distribution as a marketing strategy and use digital marketing instead. However, there are many advantages, as well as disadvantages, to old fashioned leaflets:


• Cost-effective: Leaflets are much easier and cheaper to produce rather than to invest in digital marketing. They can also be easily designed either by yourself or a professional and the cost is relatively small compared to other forms of marketing.

• Easy to read: Leaflets put the information they want to share in a very simple and clear method so as to not make it unnecessarily hard for the customer to take in. They use headers and bullet points easy for the eye to see and different designs to hold their attention.

• Informational: As long as leaflets look appealing and well-organized you can add as much information as you see fit.


• Easily thrown away: If the leaflet is not done correctly and if it’s of poor quality, chances are that it will be thrown away. Many customers will decide if they want to check the leaflet out based on the visual presentation.

• Not considered important: Since leaflets are usually distributed door to door, many people discard them as unimportant and not something that they might be interested in.

• Lack of a lasting impact: Many consider leaflets as a waste of time and don’t bother looking if the leaflet hasn’t already grabbed the customer’s attention.

Final Word

Leaflets are an affordable way to bring your company in easy reach of customers and they provide you with enough information about your clients which helps boost your company’s sales and expand your business. Leaflet campaigns offer large-scale advertising and personalized ads that no other marketing channel can match. If you manage to successfully keep the customers engaged and interested in what you have to offer, your business will likely do well.