Medical marijuana dispensaries in the Phoenix area are bringing the cannabis directly to your door, and hundreds of local patients are taking advantage of the marijuana home delivery service.

At Encanto Green Cross Dispensary near the I-17 and Thomas Road, dispensary agents are busy packing up a variety of products for as many as 70 deliveries per week.

“Thanks to powerhouses like Amazon, consumers have come to expect the convenience of having almost anything delivered to your home, and we’re determined to make sure the medical marijuana industry stays ahead of this trend,” said Bill Brothers, President of Encanto Green Cross Dispensary.

Encanto Green Cross Dispensary launched their in-house delivery service in the summer of 2017, and the program has quickly taken off.

“We serve thousands of patients throughout the Valley, and we’re committed to making sure every one of them has easy access to the medicine they need,” said Brothers. “There is no limit to the type of person using this service. We see everything from patients who can’t easily travel, to busy students and professionals who would prefer to get their medicine delivered rather than drive to the dispensary after work.”

Patients can use the delivery service by logging onto Encanto’s website and placing an online order for either pickup or delivery.

Drivers are qualified dispensary agents who have the authority to transport and sell the product. Deliveries will only be made to the address specified on the patient’s medical marijuana card.   Once at the listed address, the driver will confirm the patient information and have them sign a delivery manifest. Only one delivery is allowed to be made per transport.

For more information, visit or call 888-633-7411.