Vitalyst Health Foundation has announced its 2018 Live Well Arizona Mini-Grant program. A total of $100,000 in grant funding will be awarded in $1,000-$15,000 increments on a rolling basis to projects that collaboratively address multiple building blocks of a healthy community. The six-question online application and a webinar detailing how to complete the application are available online at

Vitalyst Health Foundation is looking for nonprofit organizations who are (1) partnering to improve health and well-being and (2) developing joint projects that positively impact two or more elements of a healthy community, as described and visualized at  The elements include: transportation options, access to care, affordable quality housing, community safety, economic opportunity, educational opportunity, environmental quality, quality affordable food, community design, parks and recreation, social/cultural cohesion, and social justice.

“Today’s health challenges are not simple. For that reason, we are looking for programs that address community health by using what we call intersectionality, or a multi-pronged approach,” said Jon Ford, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Vitalyst Health Foundation. “For example, an organization addressing educational opportunity would likely have a greater impact if it has a partner that ensures quality affordable food for students. A project that addresses environmental quality and collaborates with an organization that addresses walkability or community design would also be something we would consider. It’s through this intersectionality that we can meet compounding issues with compounding solutions and see a true positive impact on community health.”

Ford says the Live Well Arizona mini-grants are intended to create more collaboration around the Elements of a Healthy Community wheel found at The Live Well Arizona movement is focused on identifying and connecting partners who share similar goals for community success and well-being. 

“Ultimately,” notes Ford, “we all need to shift our thinking from the notion that health is health care, to an understanding that health is everywhere. We can then analyze how our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces can help us live well. Applications should focus on new options and positive impacts that can result when collaborators from multiple elements work together to improve places, in terms of health and well-being.”