Today, Waymo announced two major updates in its San Francisco and Phoenix markets — making the company the first in the world to be running fully autonomous ride-hailing operations in multiple territories.

• Waymo has begun to roll out its fully autonomous Jaguar I-PACE, with no human behind the wheel, within the company’s initial service area in San Francisco.

• Since Waymo began ramping up its operations in San Francisco just 15 months ago, it’s been laser-focused on evaluating its technology and operations against the company’s safety framework

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• Waymo is also expanding its operations in Arizona to cover Downtown Phoenix, part of the fifth-largest and fastest-growing major city in the U.S.

• As with Waymo’s previous rollouts, both updates will initially be open to Waymo employees only, with the goal to open to Trusted Testers in the near future.

• Operating fully autonomously in multiple markets—in addition to Waymo’s growing trucking operations—is a critical validator of the scalability of Waymo’s operations and technology.

This morning in San Francisco, a fully autonomous all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, with no human driver behind the wheel, picked up a Waymo engineer to get their morning coffee and go to work. Since sharing that we were ready to take the next step and begin testing fully autonomous operations in the city, we’ve begun fully autonomous rides with our San Francisco employees. They now join the thousands of Waymo One riders we’ve been serving in Arizona, making fully autonomous driving technology part of their daily lives.

“We’re particularly excited about this next phase of our journey as we officially bring our rider-only technology to San Francisco—the city many of us at Waymo call home,” shares co-CEO Tekedra Mawakana. “We’ve learned so much from our San Francisco Trusted Testers over the last six months, not to mention the innumerable lessons from our riders in the years since launching our fully autonomous service in the East Valley of Phoenix. Both of which have directly impacted how we bring forward our service as we welcome our first employee riders in SF.”