WeLink, a rapidly-growing, next-generation broadband provider, has announced the rollout of its 5G-based fixed-wireless broadband service throughout the metro areas of Las Vegas and Phoenix. More than three million customers in these cities can experience affordable internet access at up to gigabit speeds, download, and stream movies and TV shows in seconds, collaborate in near real-time through videoconferencing and enjoy their favorite online games. WeLink also plans to expand its high-speed, fixed-wireless footprint across other U.S. cities in 2022, giving consumers and businesses better choices for gigabit internet access.

WeLink recently teamed up with eero, an Amazon company, to give customers a combined offering of eero Pro 6 and WeLink wireless fiber technology. eero Pro 6 complements WeLink technology with the power of tri-band Wi-Fi® 6 to enhance whole-home connectivity. As the fastest, most powerful eero router to date, eero Pro 6 uses an intelligent-mesh Wi-Fi system that amplifies wireless connectivity throughout the home with intelligent traffic routing and support for 75+ connected devices.

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“WeLink is dedicated to expanding fair, open broadband access to people across America. Our unique, fixed-wireless broadband solution provides Americans with better choices when it comes to their home internet,” said Kevin Ross, CEO of WeLink. “We’re living through an unprecedented era with more people streaming audio and video content, working from home, videoconferencing, and pursuing online education than ever before. At WeLink, we believe internet access is a fundamental human right, and we’re delivering wireless fiber technology and whole-home connectivity that takes power out of the hands of big broadband monopolies and brings it to you and your neighbors.”

The need for broadband access is pervasive and remains unmet, and for most home subscribers, internet service provider (ISP) choices are limited and costly. In fact, more than 80 million U.S. consumers have only one choice of broadband service providers, and more than 30 million Americans lack internet access altogether. WeLink is dedicated to addressing this digital divide by connecting the unconnected and delivering affordable, high-speed internet access to everyone who needs it.

By expanding its fairly-priced, fixed-wireless broadband solution to new markets, WeLink recently won the “Residential Broadband Internet Solution Provider of the Year” award in the fifth annual Mobile Breakthrough Awards program conducted by Mobile Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global wireless and mobile market.

A U.S. company founded in 2018, WeLink provides broadband internet access to homes and businesses through a unique fixed-wireless approach that is ten times faster to deploy and less expensive than traditional fiber-to-the-home. Using advanced 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology (a key enabler for high-speed, low-latency 5G networks), 60 GHz wireless technology, and modern network routing approaches with built-in interference immunity for enhanced quality of service, WeLink can deliver fast, affordable internet access that has not been achievable using legacy fiber and wireless solutions.

Subscription and Pricing Details

WeLink offers simple, straightforward pricing plans with rates as low as $70 per month. Plans include symmetrical broadband access (equally fast uploads and downloads) at up to gigabit speeds, unlimited data, free in-home delivery and installation, two free mesh eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi routers, wireless fiber equipment, and zero modem or routers fees. WeLink subscribers can add an extra eero Pro 6 for an additional 2,000 square feet of coverage for only $99 (a $599 total retail value for three total devices). In addition, WeLink subscribers will receive eero Secure, giving homeowners advanced online security at no additional cost (a $2.99 per month value). Subscribers also benefit from having a 30-day free trial period with their WeLink subscription that comes with no obligations, penalties, or cancellation fees.

To learn more about WeLink whole-home internet connectivity, please visit welink.com.