Scottsdale-based IT consulting and cybersecurity services firm, WGM, is expanding its footprint into Colorado with a new analytics company, Industrial Wisdom.

Ann McCabe heads Industrial Wisdom, WGM’s new division, and the technology professional will bring more than 20 years of business development experience – mostly with enterprise-level businesses and industries.

McCabe said Industrial Wisdom helps clients identify customer “insights” and uses proven strategies to help acquire new customers and retain them for the long-term. The company uses “layered metrics” that use existing data to create a “multi-dimensional view” of customers and their buying behaviors. Customized customer profiles are built that directly lead to ROI and enable customers to use their own data to track and engage throughout the sales and buying journey.

McCabe added using these types of customer insights allows clients to move beyond fragmented, campaign-driven “behavioral profiles” to a more holistic understanding of what engages customers.

“We’ve been doing this kind of work for years and think it is time to change the way marketers buy analytics services,” said McCabe, president of Industrial Wisdom. “Our solution brings together targeted pieces of data most marketing teams are already collecting, but seeing little value or return on. We take the guesswork out of the equation.”

Besides a team headquartered in Denver, Industrial Wisdom has full-time consultants and marketing professionals around the U.S. Industrial Wisdom is showcasing its technology solution this week at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas.

“Industrial Wisdom brings a set of key customer insights and a process for transforming that data to take the guesswork and churn out of data analysis,” said Chuck Matthews, CEO of WGM. “We believe our Colorado expansion will provide great value to clients around the U.S. who require individualized technology solutions.”

Jeff Williams, a former American Express executive and a recognized expert in global data analytics and building consumer relationships, said bringing solutions and delivering value to mid-market companies with analytics solutions is vital for ensuring ROI.

“Practices in the enterprise space today need to deliver value and results,” said Williams, a recent addition to the WGM Board of Directors. “Industrial Wisdom delivers these results.”

WGM is a provider of consulting, security, managed IT services and application development for small- and medium-sized businesses. WGM’s leadership team works with clients and businesses to play an integral role in all IT decisions including technology platforms, information governance, regulatory compliance, strategic initiatives, future requirements and budgetary planning.