DVLA, fully abbreviated as Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is a premier British government agency that keeps the complete database of drivers and vehicles in the United Kingdom. Their headquarters are situated in Swansea, Wales from where all the operations are controlled.

They are responsible for performing a variety of things about which we will talk in detail during this entire post.  Let’s check out the full post and got important information about this agency!

1. Driver Registration

This agency maintains records of more than 45 million drivers across Great Britain. They create and maintain driver records along with issues driving licenses.

Another thing that they do relate to drivers is recording driving offences like disqualifications, endorsements or any similar act. In a single year, they perform nearly 20 million driver transactions across the country.

2. Medical Services

It is also the duty of DVLA to ensure safety on the road by assessing drivers’ medical fitness. They have made it mandatory for drivers to tell about any medical condition affecting their physical and mental health in advance.

It is up to investigators whether they allow the driver to drive the vehicle after declaration or not. The DVLA web chat is always available for them to convey about any such condition.

3. Law Enforcement

There are hundreds of laws set by the Department of Transport in the United Kingdom. DVLA make sure that all these laws get enforced in the country properly. Their enforcement process involves taking strong actions against the customers who don’t follow those rules.

It can be ranging from continuous insurance enforcement to excise duty enforcement.

4. Tax Collection

The next important duty that DVLA performs is collecting taxes levied annually on the vehicles driving the road. There is an indirect tax called Vehicle Excise Duty that is charged for using the road network.

They collect more than 6 billion Euros in vehicle excise duty annually which is pretty great for sure.

5. Personalized Registrations

The main motive of vehicle registration is giving identification to the vehicle for the purposes of law enforcement and taxation. Many people don’t know, but registration marks aren’t the property of an individual. There is no way someone can acquire the legal title of a vehicle. This agency also made special arrangements to make it possible for a motorist to use the registration marks.

All the important information can be accessed via Sussex or Northumbria police live chat. You may be surprised to know, but more than 250,000 registration marks are sold by DVLA every year.

6. Printing Facilities

This agency is equipped with a pretty secure and dynamic printing facility for issuing all their documentation. It includes everything ranging from vehicle registration certificates to licensing reminders and even tax discs.

DVLA is also involved in the printing and issuing documentation for many other governments that include Biometric Permit for the Home Office.

7. Vehicle Registration

Apart from personalized registration, it is also the duty of DVLA to register the vehicles for running on the road. A database of more than 37 million licensed vehicles is owned by this agency. Each of them is identified using a unique registration mark for better identification.

They create and maintain vehicle records along with issuing vehicle registration certificates and collecting vehicle excise duty. The agency usually carried out more than 100 million vehicle transactions every year.


DVLA is an important part of the UK transportation system that was established in 1965. It is controlled by the Chief Executive Officer who comes for a term of five years. This agency is known for performing revolutionary reforms in the transportation sector. The information we have provided about this agency is just a glimpse of things they perform.

They are also very active in customer service with a fully operational DVLA live chat using which people can clear their doubts. If you have any queries regarding DVLA, please write about it in the comment section.