A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a payment processing system, safe and secure for merchants.

Service provides easy p2p transfers.

In addition to their core functions, these payment gateways are responsible for the secure distribution of sensitive data associated with a payment wallet.

The payment gateway for crypto exchange is equally well suited for both large and small companies. A crypto payment gateway is the best solution for people who value secure and fast solutions. 

You get completely transparent transactions without intermediaries. Banks are excluded from the payment process, which allows for faster transactions.

Why your customers want to pay with cryptocurrencies

Of course, today cryptocurrency is considered mainly for profitable investments, because the cost of digital currencies shows a steady growth.

People see digital money as more than just an asset. For them, it is primarily an infrastructure investment that excludes banks and credit card networks.

Prompt introduction of modern payment systems will allow to achieve a significant influx of customers, as the level of competition is low.

Main features 

Cryptocurrency payment gateways offer their customers different solutions, a set of functions and can vary significantly in terms of service costs.

  1. Intuitive interface. For the client, the simplicity and ease of use of the platform is always in the first place.
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency payment gateway that will allow you to seamlessly move from the shopping cart to paying for the payment.
  3. Volatility Protection. The value of a cryptocurrency is constantly changing. Many systems offer a price stabilization feature. The function is not useful for every business, but it will greatly simplify the calculations.
  4. Multicurrency. Cryptocurrency is not only bitcoin familiar to everyone for a long time. The ability to accept multiple cryptocurrencies for payment at once is a freedom of choice that customers value so much, and which will not cost you anything.
  5. Calculation variability. Make sure you can receive payments in the currency you need. This will greatly simplify business processes and help you get the most out of cryptocurrency transactions. Please read the terms and conditions beforehand, as the fees can vary significantly depending on the crypto payment gateway.
  6. Functionality. When making the choice, focus not only on the cost of maintenance, but also on the functionality. Invoicing, bulk payouts, bookkeeping, recurring payments can make your life a lot easier.
  7. Maintenance cost. In most cases, the commission does not exceed 1%, but you should pay attention to the presence of additional fees and commissions.
  8. Reputation. Exercise due diligence when choosing a partner, as there are a huge number of scammers on the market, and there are not so many rules that protect customers yet. Cryptocurrency payment processing is a promising opportunity with many potential use cases.

Of course, this market has its own problems, but the advantages that open up for business cover all the disadvantages.