No matter your business’s size, workflow, and production needs, a print and cut machine can help you achieve desirable results.

Experts believe that a print cut machine is a breakthrough in the graphics printing industry. It combines two technologies in a single device, helping save time, cost, and money. You can effortlessly create custom designs, labels, and graphics in vibrant colors using this machine.

There are more than 129,000 print and cut devices in the world for all production levels.

Why Choose Roland BN20?

Combining the Piezoelectric inkjet technology, Roland BN20 stands out for its versatility and convenience. It helps create exceptional prints with smooth gradation. It is compatible with all materials, so whether you want to create a graphic on your t-shirt or make a sticker or wall decal, it’s perfect for doing the job.

All its functionalities are handled through the in-built Roland VersaWorks RIP software that helps you to prepare the artwork for both print and cut functions without any effort. It is connected via a USB interface and helps simplify print production and manage output with ease. Its intuitive interface also allows the replacement of consumable parts such as wipers and contour cutting blades.

Benefits of Print Cut Machines

Cost-effective: You can print and cut using the same device. As it integrates both printing and cutting, there is no need to purchase two machines separately. This helps in significant cost-saving, especially for businesses that are small scale.

Space-saving: A single machine can do the task of two devices. This helps save a lot of space for those who don’t have enough space to house two machines. It helps achieve maximum production in a limited space.

Saves time: It allows to streamline the production process by automatically identifying and cutting the outline of the printed product. This means you don’t have to reload or reposition the graphics again in the cutting device. It saves a lot of time when there is a heavy.

Improves productivity: The print and cut machines work on software. Once you choose a workflow, there is no need to monitor it. You can leave it unattended and focus on other tasks. You can also take up multiple tasks and leave the machine to work overnight.

Helps you personalize: From garments to labels, signage to the point of sale, vehicle wrap to decals, you can use them on a huge variety of materials. You can personalize the design by choosing a vibrant metallic spot color or creating a Domino

Application of Print Cut Machine

Print cut machines have multiple applications, including vehicle graphics, backlit displays, packaging prototypes, heat transfer garments, labels, and more. Some of them are listed below.

Die-cut labels and decals: You can create die-cut labels and decals of any shape, size, and design with precision and speed. They can be used for branding, marketing, instructing, or providing information.

Vehicle wrapping: Vehicle graphics can be designed to cover the vehicle fully or partially for promotional events or specific campaigns. Letters, logos and symbols, artistic designs, and photographs can be printed, cut, and installed on cars, buses, vans, trucks, etc.

Heat transfer apparel: You can customize clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, shirts, hats, sportswear, safety garments, bags, and other promotional items. You can choose from a fast range of heat-transfer materials such as flock, metalized, elasticated, and relief transfer media.

Pop Display: Retail displays stand out with creative prints and designs made from print and cut machines.

A print cut machine offers greater graphics flexibility. If you integrate it into your production, you can improve your output and increase your profits. You can also make a vast range of products.