POV: You’re at a fancy five-star restaurant. (Think Steak 44 or Mastro’s, for instance!) Your drink is never empty, they bring out a new bread basket before you have the chance to ask for a new one and the service is top of the line.

Experiences like this make it hard to forget—better yet, they keep you coming back for more. This is applicable to all industries. If you create that one-of-a-kind experience for your customers, you build trust that makes customers come back again and again. 

So what is White Glove Service and what does it mean for your business?

White Glove Service

Andrea Fogle is a member of The James Agency’s Client Services team, where she acts as a liaison between TJA’s clients and its internal teams.

The James Agency takes White Glove Service VERY seriously and we have a few rules we follow to ensure we are delivering on our promises. Applying these five tips into your ongoing communication with customers will ensure they are satisfied and trusting of the services you provide.

5. Don’t just be an order taker. Add value to your clients. 

As subject matter experts, it’s your job to guide customers and clients in the right direction. Leading with your recommendations and professional expertise is part of the reason why they hired you in the first place! They are looking to you to provide direction that will ultimately help them meet their business goals and objectives. Always go back to square one and keep the big picture in mind.

4. Providing the WHY

Like any business, we are deep in the weeds every day with numerous projects, emails and to-do lists. It’s our job to ensure clients are constantly in alignment with next steps and what to expect. This rule allows us to show up for our clients, take a step back and explain our reasoning.

Depending on your business and the services you offer, try to walk your customers through the details and explain the WHY of your operations. Allowing customers to understand the thought processes ensures they are on the same page at all times.

3. Listen to your clients

White Glove Service starts with one person in mind: the individual you’re serving. Are you taking the time to understand their needs, ideas and goals? Everything you need to succeed is just an email or phone call away. Get to know your clients and make sure they know they’re being heard.

2. Consistency is key

This one may seem obvious but is oftentimes overlooked. You want to earn your clients’ trust and faith through dedication, over-communication and consistency. Follow through with what you say you’re going to do, keep promises and always find a way to make it happen.

1. Level up

What’s one thing that you can do to go the extra mile or surprise your customers in a way they wouldn’t expect? We like to think of it as adding the cherry on top of a delicious Oreo milkshake (or your dessert of choice!). What is one extra touch that you can provide to take their experience to the next level?

White Glove Service is more than an unforgettable restaurant evening—it can be universal and highly successful in all industries. Here’s what it all boils down to: show up for your customers and deliver that one-of-a-kind experience!

Want to experience TJA’s White Glove Service firsthand? Contact The James Agency for social media, brand development, go-to-market strategies—anything you need to step up your game.


Andrea Fogle is a member of The James Agency’s Client Services team, where she acts as a liaison between TJA’s clients and its internal teams. With a passion for strengthening and sustaining partner relationships, Andrea helps identify new business opportunities while ensuring the timely delivery of assets. In her role, she manages all client communications with detailed reports, status updates and thorough feedback. Andrea is an Arizona native and ASU alum who joined the TJA team with five years of account management and integrated digital marketing experience.