The ‘gig economy’ is now a key economic driver in the UK, and one that contributes an estimated £20 billion to the national economy each and every year.

What’s more, almost half (48%) of all gig workers in the UK also hold down a full-time job, a third of young people (aged between 18 and 34) returning to work after the coronavirus pandemic decided to take the plunge in the gig economy.

But what are the best gig economy jobs that you can do from home in the current job market? Here’s our list of the top three!

#1. SEO Specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key marketing discipline in the digital age, and one that boosts the online visibility of brands on search engines.

There are numerous statistics that underline the importance of SEO in the current marketing climate, particularly from the perspective of local search. For example, 76% of people who search for local goods and services on their smartphones typically visit a selected business within the day, with 28% of such interactions resulting in a purchase.

Businesses also tend to work with SEO providers and consultants on a contractual or freelance basis, so if you’re skilled in this discipline, you can market yourself as a freelancer and complete projects in your spare time and from the comfort of your home.

#2. Forex or Financial Market Trader

The gig economy and online realm is also home to passive income opportunities, especially through the increasingly accessible financial market.

Take speculative assets such as currencies and forex, for example, which can now be seamlessly accessed through an online brokerage account and enables you to profit without assuming ownership of the underlying financial instrument.

This also means that you can profit regardless of the wider market and macroeconomic conditions, which is a huge boon in an increasingly volatile financial landscape.

If you’re going to operate as forex trader, knowledge and preparation are key, while we’d recommend using a so-called “demo account” to hone your trading strategies in a completely simulated market environment.

#3. Become a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

There’s actually another category of gig economy or work from home jobs, which exist independently of the Internet.

For example, you could monetise your time simply by marketing your services as a pet sitter or dog walker. You need minimal skill or qualifications to offer this service, although it’s ideal if you have a passion for animals and a kindly, nurturing nature.

Typically, you’ll charge a basic hourly rate to look after a customer’s pets in your home, potentially applying a further premium if you intend to walk them in your local park.

This must be set independently according to the area in which you live and your closest competition, so that you can be competitive in the market and reflect the quality of your services.