When a company has terrible credit, it may be very difficult to get the equipment it needs. Everything from computer gear in an office to massive industrial machines is essential to the success of any business. A low credit score shouldn’t prevent you from expanding your firm. Even if your credit is less than stellar, there are ways to get the financing you need for equipment.

The Effects of Poor Credit on Your Life

Any company that needs funding but has a low credit score (below a FICO of 630) would have significant difficulties getting those funds. This is because a poor credit score indicates to prospective lenders that the borrower has a history of being unable to meet their financial commitments. Lenders are more hesitant to give loans to those with poor credit since it indicates a bigger risk to them.

Credit scores are only one factor. When applying for equipment financing, it’s important to know what factors lenders prioritize most. To get guaranteed get fast short term business loans, contact Fundshop

What Lenders Look For

  • Stability of the Business: Lenders may be more inclined to give financing despite poor credit if your company can show a history of stability and continuous revenue. They seek evidence that your company has been successful for some time and can sustain itself financially.
  • Other kinds of collateral may be accepted in exchange for equipment financing in certain instances. The lender may seize the collateral—real estate, equipment, or other assets—if you don’t pay.
  • Lenders may be persuaded by a thorough and compelling business plan. It has to detail how the new equipment will help your firm succeed and grow, as well as how much money you expect to make in the future.
  • Making a sizable down payment reduces the risk to the lender and may influence their decision in your favor. Lenders will have less risk of losing money on the deal if you make a greater down payment.
  • Credit History as an Individual: If your business’s credit score isn’t stellar, a strong personal credit history may be the deciding factor. The company owner’s personal credit history may be taken into account by potential lenders.

Methods for Getting Equipment Loans Even with Poor Credit

Here are some tips for financing equipment with bad credit.

  1. Work on Your Credit Rating

Improving your credit score is a proven way to get financing, but it takes time. You may achieve this goal by never incurring any new debt and always paying off what you owe.

  1. Utilize the Value of Your Company’s Assets

Use your company’s significant assets as collateral to get the equipment financing you need. You may use this information to bargain for better loan conditions, if possible.

  1. Locate a Co-signer

Find a co-signer with strong credit if you can’t raise your credit score or present collateral to get equipment financing. This person reduces the risk to the lender by effectively guaranteeing the loan.

  1. Look at Other Possible Sources of Funding

Don’t only look for loans from banks. Think about looking into equipment leasing firms, peer-to-peer lending platforms, and internet lenders for additional sources of funding. Credit criteria are often more lenient with these other options.

  1. Bargain with the Machine Vendor

Equipment vendors may sometimes offer payment plans. As the seller may be more eager to finalize the deal, this strategy has the potential to provide favorable results.


Although it may be difficult, getting equipment financing with negative credit is feasible. You can get the machinery your company needs to grow if you know what lenders are looking for and how to approach them. Before financing equipment, consider its ROI.