UX/UI agencies are often involved in project development, so let us take a look at some of the reasons why UX/UI designers are so important to the success of any digital product.

What does a UX/UI design agency do?

Professional UX/UI design agencies are responsible for design and user interfaces. By interfaces, we mean the visual side of mobile applications, websites, and software systems that the user interacts with.

They must answer the following questions:

• Which are the important functions and which are the minor ones?

• How many steps does a user have to take to perform a target action?

• How do we show the user that the operation was successful or if something went wrong?

UI is the visual embodiment of UX design. Its task is to make the interface coherent, intuitive, and attractive. Buttons, icons, texts, images, input fields, and other interactive elements, as well as animations – these are all tasks for a UI designer.

5 functions of a UX/UI design agency

The role of a UX/UI design agency is to create visually attractive and functional digital products that help their customers and end-users.

1. Create attractive user interface

UI/UX agencies are responsible for developing stunning user interfaces. Applying the knowledge of graphic tools together with the understanding of human psychology, they create products that users like.

While in itself an attractive user interface is not functional, it certainly helps to attract the attention of potential customers. The users are more inclined to stay and explore the product that is nicely designed.

2. Improve user experience

UX determines the impression a person gets from interacting with a digital product. Accordingly, UX design is the process of globally designing simple and enjoyable web interfaces.

Professional UX/UI design companies conduct research and usability testing to see what the end user expects from the product, as it helps improve user experience.

3. Give the users what they’re looking for

Good UX means higher customer satisfaction. When it is easy for the user to find the information they need, make an order or send a request, it creates a positive impression. Therefore, the customer will continue coming back to the website or application, thereby generating more profit for your customer.

4. Take care of information architecture and interaction design

UX/UI design agencies are responsible for information architecture and interaction design as part of the UX/UI design.

Information architecture is the DNA of the project. What you create sets the foundation of the project and whatever it evolves to over time.

Moreover, it is possible to understand information architecture as part of the design documentation. Considering this, the architecture should look neat and clean so that it could be attached to the project contract without shame.

Here are the main benefits of preparing information architecture:

• You create an emotional background that should accompany the user along the way. For example, a company wants to sell by creating a sense of fear, and you, as an architect, should take this into account.

• You create a scheme that helps you put yourself in the user’s shoes. Do you correctly understand their needs? Is it convenient for them to use the product? Are they achieving their goals? Is it satisfying?

• It is convenient to show all the conceptual ideas of a product at once in one visual diagram.

• The prototype, design, and layout are not yet ready. But if you have information architecture ready, you can show it to developers so that they know what to deal with in the future and can start asking questions. Developers can provide important advice when they see the IA. For example, estimate the cost of work or the possibility of implementing specific features.

• Disharmony in the AI immediately grabs attention and you can correct this early on.

• Team members see not only their own limited branch but all conceptual ideas and the whole product in one diagram.

5. Help businesses achieve their goals

According to a study by the PricewaterhouseCoopers group, consumers are willing to pay 16% more for a better service on average. It has become easier to create perfect service thanks to professional UX/UI agencies.

Even from your own experience, you can learn a lot. Ask yourself the question, how likely are you to use the services of a company with a terrible UX/UI design again? 32% of shoppers only need one bad experience to leave their favorite brand.


Companies are focusing on UX more and more every year in order to gain a competitive edge in the market race, and the impact of UX on business will only continue to grow.