A human resource manager is an important role that any business needs to take seriously if they want to succeed. Almost all companies, regardless of size, have a human resource department of some kind. 

If you’re looking to hire a human resources manager for your business, there are many different traits you might want to consider. An HR manager will be resourceful, driven, organized, and have a knack for working with people.

What do you need to talk about when you sit down to discuss this key role with potential hires? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Organizational Skills

A human resource manager will have to juggle many different tasks over the course of the average workday. They might need to manage payroll, hire and fire employees, and deal with employee issues, among many other tasks.

In order to keep their head on straight and handle all of these various tasks, they’ll need to have a natural gift for organization. Someone who isn’t organized might end up letting important tasks slip through the cracks — a mistake your business might not be able to handle.

Someone who can multi-task with ease would make an idea HR manager. Likewise, someone who is never confused about the status of various tasks would be the kind of person you’d want on your team.

Communication Skills

One of the primary functions of a human resource manager is to facilitate communications between employees and the employer. This can be over a wide range of topics, ranging from pay to job status to issues in the workplace.

As such, it is essential that an HR manager be a skilled communicator. They need to be able to communicate well both orally and in the written word. Their communication must be clear, polite, and empathetic.

An ability to be able to negotiate would also be considered to be a plus, as conversations around pay and benefits might arise in conversations with workers.

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Problem Solving Skills

No business will run smoothly every day. It just isn’t possible! Problems will arise and many of them will land at the desk of your human resource manager.

This individual will need to have strong problem-solving skills if they are going to provide the greatest amount of value to your company.

They might have to counsel workers with clashing personalities or mitigate the needs of the company with the needs of an individual. This requires thinking on their feet and coming up with solutions that can benefit all.

Hiring a Human Resource Manager

If you’re looking to hire a human resource manager, it’s important to understand what kind of traits you should be looking out for. The skills above are some of the most important to consider when hiring someone for this role.

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