Not everyone is aware of the importance of packaging machines. Buying a robust and high quality packaging machine can increase the effectiveness of your business. Packaging machines are necessary, if you own a coffee roastery or coffee shop, because freshly roasted coffee beans can lose their aromas and flavor, if they are packed poorly. If a packaging machine doesn’t close the bags properly, it can destroy all your hard work put in the roasting process. If you want to avoid such a situation, you should invest your money in a trustworthy and reliable packaging machine. So which coffee packaging machine is the best for your roaster? You should find the answer to that question after reading this article.

How to choose a packaging machine?

Before you order the first machine you will find, you should know a few things that will help you (and maybe save you from disappointment), so you can sell only the best product. One of the most important things that you must bear in mind is that there are many types of packaging machines you can buy. If you have just opened your new business, you can invest in a whole load pack-seal base that will fully automatize the process of coffee roasting. If you have a modern and intuitive coffee roaster, you can combine it with your new packing machine, so your interference will be limited to a minimum. The most economical way to create a professional coffee roastery is to buy an automatic scale (1500g or 3000g – it depends on how big the packs you want to sell are), an automatic coffee beans loader, and a heat sealer. This is the basic, yet full set needed for packing coffee beans. If you also sell ground coffee, you should buy a ground filling coffee machine.

Components of packaging machine

Let’s focus on the individual components of your pack-load station. First you need to think about an automatic scale. If you own a family business and you don’t sell your coffee in bulk, you can buy a 1500g automatic scale. You can easily change the settings and enter the right base weight for each packaging. There is also a possibility to buy a 3000g automatic scale, which helps you fill bigger coffee bags. If you have already decided which automatic scale suits you best, it’s time to think about an automatic loader. It consists of a few components such as the main loader, floor hopper, suction pipe and extension frame. You can connect it with your automatic scale – whether in smaller or bigger size – and speed up the packaging process. The last thing that is necessary in your packaging machine is the heat sealer. However, it is a more complicated choice than before, because there are more than just one or two kinds of heat sealers. You can find an universal linear heat sealer, which can be used both vertically and horizontally. Its advanced mechanism takes care of the suitable temperature for different bag materials. You can also buy a heat sealer with hot ink data printer. If you prefer more unusual, but highly effective solutions, you might be interested in purchasing a vacuum/nitrogen heat sealer. This is an economical way to preserve the freshness and amazing aromas of your coffee. Even though the process of sealing is more complicated than in a traditional linear heat sealer, the usage is easy and intuitive.

What other accessories can upgrade your roasting and packaging station?

Besides machines like coffee roaster and pack-seal base, you are going to need other accessories. If you place importance on full automatization, you can also buy a rotary receiving table which can make your work much easier. After sealing you don’t need to pick up every bag of coffee. It will be carefully placed on the rotary table. You can collect ready coffee bags after some time. You may also need brute containers for storing coffee beans and a bean scoop. You can later buy hopper extensions and of course a coffee bags labelling applicator, which will apply your unique labels with your roastery logo. If you also want to sell ground coffee, you may want an automatic ground coffee loader, which transports the coffee powder into the automatic scale.

As you can see, a packaging machine doesn’t consist of only one component, but of several different machines that all together make an extension of your roast station. All of the mentioned products are available on this website: