Car accidents happen unexpectedly, and no one is prepared for the impact they can have on your life. Causing pain, trauma, expense, and inconvenience, but also it raises the question you never thought about before like whether you should hire a lawyer right after a car accident occurs.

The best thing would be to hire a local experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer to guide you through the legal system which can be quite confusing and intimidating. If you’re wondering when the right time to hire a car accident lawyer is, below we’ll give you an insight on what to look for and when you should hire such a lawyer.

Situations that require a car accident lawyer


If you’ve experienced minor injuries, you may not need the assistance of a lawyer. But, this is something you cannot know at the moment, and that’s why you should immediately ask for medical care. Many car accident victims mistakenly assume they are not seriously injured since they are in shock or experience an adrenaline rush, and the injuries might show after a couple of hours or days. After the medical checkup, you can decide whether you need a lawyer or not.

If you’ve sustained severe injuries, then you should call a lawyer right away. A skilled one can help you secure the money you need to pay for the expenses your injuries may cause whether short-term or long-term. Some of the lifetime expenses may include hospitalization, some future surgeries you may need, or modifications to your home. A good lawyer will help you obtain the money you need to pay for them.


If someone else’s actions contributed to causing the accident, you should consult with a lawyer right away and they will tell you what action to take. This type of accident may involve more than one vehicle or a sudden, unexpected loss of control of your vehicle. One of the most common causes of accidents by negligent drivers in Phoenix includes speeding and road rage.

You’ll most definitely need a car accident lawyer if your accident was caused by the negligence of a government agency. Recovering compensation from a local or state government entity as damages for wrongful actions of its employees requires a skillful lawyer. This process is very complicated and so it involves even more legal knowledge than other accidents. Car accident lawyers are experienced in this field, so remember to call one right away.

Losing loved ones to car accidents

If you’ve experienced losing a loved one due to injuries they sustained in a car crash, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim to receive the compensation you deserve. The injustice of losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence can be unbearable. Securing a legal representation can ease your mind, and although it won’t make up for your loss, it can help seek some form of justice.

Consulting with an experienced lawyer in these situations is the best thing you can do since they will give you more information about who is eligible to file a wrongful death claim and what your options are. They will give you details about the process and may be able to assist in recovering damages caused by the loss.

Hire a lawyer to deal with insurance companies

Usually, when filing a claim in a car accident you are dealing with an insurance company rather than an individual diver. Insurance companies deal with those types of claims daily, so they know exactly what to do. They have massive resources, including a team of medical and forensic experts, as well as experienced lawyers directed at reducing the money that is paid out to you due to your claim.

Most drivers have car insurance, meaning you’ll be dealing with their insurance company. A skillful car accident lawyer can help you level the playing field when dealing with these types of companies. They know the insurance companies’ strategies, and can also handle paperwork, emails, phone calls that are involved in an insurance claim. This will ease your mind and help you recover emotionally and physically from the accident.

Final thoughts

Dealing with a car accident can be quite a traumatic experience, especially when suffering from injuries or property damages. Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible will help you decide what the best course of action is for you, and will deal with all the administrative and legal obstacles that come with car accident claims. Lastly, remember to hire an experienced lawyer who has worked with personal injury cases for a long time.