When is the right time to move your metal stamping tools?

Business News | 5 Sep, 2019 |

The success of your metal stamping process depends highly upon your production partner. You need to have a competent metal stamping partner to produce good quality production parts.

A good dependable and quality metal stamping partner will always keep you informed about what you need to know about your metal stamping process. But what if that is not the case? When is the right time to move your metal stamping tooling?

When to Change Your Metal Stamping Tools?

In case you are having problems with your stamping process, here are a few factors that will help you identify when should you change your metal stamping partner.

Issues with Quality

If you are finding quality issues with your metal stamping process, then it may impact the performance of your products as well. And your metal stamping tools probably be the reason for that. Check if your existing vendor can fix the issue, otherwise, consider changing to a new metal stamping vendor.

Many a time, it may be an inbuilt problem of your metal stamping tool or the process. In that case, only changing your vendor won’t solve the issue. To rectify the quality problems, your new vendor might have to do some re-work with the progressive tooling components.

Vendor Closing Business

This might be a common problem as well. Your vendor may go out of business or a competitor might have bought out the company. In that case, you are left with no choice but to find for a new production partner.

Generally, the vendor will give you enough time for an imminent closure or even work with the new supplier to release the metal stamping tool. For a smooth transition process, proper cooperation is needed from both sides.

Quantity of Runs Decreased

It may happen with legacy parts for production runs. Runs may go slow with time and your metal stamping supplier may be looking for higher production outputs.

As a result, your vendor might not be interested to continue with you. So, it is the time you find a new precision metal stamping vendor for your production process.

How to Find Your Next Metal Stamping Partner?

There are various factors that will help you to find the right metal stamping partner as per your need.

Effective Communication

Communication is vital to any business success. When you start communicating with the potential metal stamping company, just check how fast the response time from their side.

Also, you must communicate all the expectations upfront. Whether it is through email or phone, optimal results can be achieved only when important information is communicated in a timely manner.


Along with response time, the company also should be competent enough to offer you useful engineering recommendations that might save your time and money.

Also, they need to have clarity on their capabilities as well. This will ensure that the company can offer quality production process while maintaining minimum cost and delivery time.


You will have customers waiting for you to deliver stamping parts. So, you need a partner whom you can depend upon for timely delivery of your parts.

A good collaborative partner will always keep you updated with the quotes, unidentified risks, changing quality requirements, backlogs in tools or engineering recommendations if any.


Before you choose your next partner for metal stamping tools, make sure you do enough research about the company you’re considering. Get a list of their services, operations, and their happy customers. Along with the company website, make sure you search for other sources over the internet while carrying out your research.

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