Personal injury lawyers can help people who have been involved in all sorts of accidents to claim compensation and seek justice.

If you’re wondering whether to get in touch with an attorney who’s experienced in this field, read on as we discuss when it’s the right time to do so, and how to pick the best person for the job.

The basic requirements

In the event that you’ve suffered an injury as a result of an accident which wasn’t your fault, calling a personal injury lawyer should be a priority.

Compensation is available if the injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, or through straightforward malice.

You should also connect with an experienced lawyer if the blame for an injury is being laid at your feet, such as in the aftermath of a car crash where an insurer may be attempting to dispute your claim.

Whatever the nature of the incident in question, having a lawyer on-side from the earliest possible moment will put you in a strong position going forward.

Look for a reputable, established law firm in your city or in Washington D.C.

When it comes to actually finding an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, it’s sensible to search locally.

For example, the Washington DC personal injury lawyers at have a great reputation for securing compensation for clients, and have established themselves over many decades of serving the region.

You can look further afield for legal representation, of course, but there’s no guarantee that a lawyer from another part of the country will be up to speed with the specific personal injury legislation in your area.

Ask for testimonials

You don’t have to accept the word of a legal firm that their abilities are top notch, because the most successful operators will have testimonials from previous clients to back up their claims about their capabilities.

Cold, hard statistics about success rates and compensation payout sizes are also a useful gauge by which to judge any personal injury lawyer. If there’s any hesitance to share this data with you, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Seek recommendations from people you trust

You might be surprised by how many other people in your life have had to make use of a personal injury lawyer in the past.

Whether you ask friends and family for recommendations, or speak to work colleagues about their experiences, this is a good way to find an attorney if you are starting from scratch.

Check on fee structures & other expenses

Not all attorneys take the same approach to billing their clients, and when it comes to personal injury cases, you might have a few options available.

The most appealing arrangement is obviously one which doesn’t require you to pay anything upfront, with the lawyer instead recouping their costs as part of the settlement payout.

Most importantly, check what you’ll be charged before you recruit an attorney and ensure that they are transparent about their fee structure.

Have an initial conversation and see if you click

It helps to have a good connection with a lawyer who’s representing you. If there’s any friction, or you have an imperfect understanding of one another, it’s harder to work together and trickier to get a good result.

The initial conversation you have with an attorney can tell you a lot about how well you’ll gel going forward, so don’t underestimate the importance of an in-depth phone call or a face to face meeting when choosing the right personal injury lawyer.