When should you rent a storage unit vs. decluttering?

Business News | 16 May |

Are you anticipating a big move or a mammoth renovation project soon? Perhaps you’re preparing your home for sale and you need to declutter to make it more appealing?

Maybe you’re relocating your business premises and need a safe place to keep some of your equipment and supplies? In these and other similar situations, you might need a storage unit.

But when exactly should you rent one, and why?

Why People Rent Storage Units

Just like you can tell from the name, a storage unit is a secure space provided by storage facilities where you can store your belongings safely. People often rent storage units to store their possessions temporarily for reasons such as renovations, moving, downsizing, or simply decluttering their homes to create more space and add comfort.

These units also come in handy when you have large items that won’t fit comfortably into the space available in your home. The need or purpose of renting one may vary from one person to the other! The cost may also vary depending on the time you rent the unit and where you get one.

Renting a Storage Unit vs Decluttering

In guides to decluttering your home, people often recommend throwing things away or donating old possessions if your home is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. However, if you have a lot of things with sentimental value you can’t bear to throw away, a storage unit makes a good alternative.

In that sense, you’re still decluttering your home, but you get to keep the things you really want to keep.

How to Rent a Cheap Storage Unit

Storage units are mostly offered based on rent leases, whose length could be anything from a few days to a week, a month, six months, or even a year. While the unit size is probably the biggest determinant factor in the amount you pay for rent, the prices also depend on the storage company you approach, as well as its location.

If your budget is a bit wanting, it makes sense to compare and contrast storage unit prices from several providers in your location of interest. Searching for Cheap Storage Units Near You and surrounding areas online can be a good place to start.

While comparing, don’t forget to consider:

• The size you need for your belongings

• Prices from different providers

• Discounts and offers

• The exact location of the unit

• The storage facility’s reputation

The Best Time to Rent a Storage Unit

In all honesty, the best time to rent a storage unit is when you need it most, or at least a few days/weeks before. However, storage units tend to be more available – and thus a little bit cheaper – at certain times of the year more than others.

Now that you have a few hints on getting cheap storage units, let’s look at what different times of the year hold for you.


When renting a unit in the fall, you are likely to pay less and even get discounts. This is because not many people consider moving during the Fall season, plus property sale prices tend to take a dip during this season. After all, the thought that “winter is coming” tends to occupy the minds of many people.


It’s a great time to rent a unit when anticipating a big move or renovation in Spring. Storage units will also probably be cheaper since not most people go hunting for storage units in the offseason. However, it will be harder to access the unit regularly, given the harsh weather.


From March to around late May or early June is the time of the year when most rental prices spike. The warm weather brings with it an increase in demand because it’s more convenient for moving, conducting repairs, remodels, and so forth.

Consequently, there’s a rise in demand for storage units in spring, causing the storage unit prices to increase significantly. The positive side is that the weather will be in your favor, plus you can access the storage unit more easily during this season.

It could be the best time to rent a storage space if you really need it, and fast! This is why it also favors college students during the start of their spring break.


The spiking demand for storage units in Spring continues up until Summer. Coupled with the fact that most people consider summer to be the best moving season, storage space becomes harder to find, thus more expensive. You can look at it as the worst time to rent a storage unit.

Summing It Up

If you really must declutter your property, any time can be a great time to rent a storage unit. However, you may want to rent one earlier or wait a little bit longer before renting one for other reasons like relocating, renovating, or downsizing.

Other than this, when to rent a storage unit will largely be determined by your needs, preferences, and urgencies if any.

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