There are several COVID testing methods available in the market right now. Some tests include PCR test, molecular test, and Antigens test often known as lateral flow test. Choosing the right test provider is a task of great deal.

Although there are many providers serving lateral flow tests right out in the market all of them don’t provide the same service to the customers. Before you look for a private lateral flow test provider you must ensure they are serving the service of the best quality. So, here in this article, we will guide you through the procedure to choose the best lateral flow test provided in the UK right now and how to order it.

How to choose a private lateral flow test provider in the UK?

Finding out the right lateral flow test provider is an initial task that you should consider before choosing a lateral flow test provider. You should make sure that the provider is listed on GOV.UK. If the provider is not listed on the GOV.UK website. The UK then avoids such Providers. You will also need to carry out the research to check the reputation of the kit provider. For example, check the website of the provider or personal recommendation.

Our company  is also one of the most popular and dedicated lateral flow test providers right out in the market serving good quality kits to the customer. We are renowned for our speed, quality of service, and value for money. You can order the different covid test kits such as Flowfex from our website.

Where to order lateral flow tests?

If you want to get the kit for free then you can order the lateral flow test from the government website. If you order it from the government website then it will take some time to get delivered to your location. Generally, it takes up to 3 days, sometimes even more. So, ordering it from the government website will not be a good idea, it is better to order it from the private lateral flow test provider.

Handstations is here in the market which has been providing lateral flow test service to the customer for a long time. We offer quality service to the customers to ensure we stand ahead of the other provider. We offer an online delivery facility to the customer. Fast and reliable service is what we have been focusing on since our establishment.

Why choose Handstations for Lateral flow tests?

Handstations has never failed to meet customer satisfaction, ensuring customer satisfaction under your budget is what we focus on. Although there are many Lateral flow test providers in the market here are the reasons to choose Handstations.

Easy to order: You can order different covid tests easily from the website. Just click one button, select the payment method and get the product delivered to your location.

Fast Service: Handstations provides the fastest service to the customer to ensure customer satisfaction. You can get the kit delivered to your address within one 1day when you order.

Easy payment method: Any available payment gateways or mobile wallet software services, such as, Mastercard, Credit/Debit Card, Internet Banking, and Cash on Delivery (COD) alternatives, can be used while ordering Lateral flow tests from Handstations’ site.

Registered with MHRA and CE approved and ISO certified: The product is ISO certified and used and trusted by companies around the world including all UK airports and the NHS.

How to use the Lateral Flow test?

Once the testing kit is delivered to your location it’s time to perform the test. Here is a quick guide that can help you to use lateral flow tests. You must flow the process in the right manner.

1. Read the instructions on the test kit.

2. Wash your hand properly with soap

3. Unpack the test equipment that you received.

4. Take the swab sample from the nose.

5. Check the waiting time according to the instructions that came with your kit.

6. Read the result.

7.Dispose testing kit properly and safely.

Note: Keep the testing kit out from the direct sunlight generally between the temperature range of 15-30 °.keep it away from children