Even though the world we once knew has been turned upside down by the pandemic, Arizona’s business community is hitting new heights. That includes Dieter Gable, CEO of TBConsulting.

“Currently, many firms are reporting record profits and the need to retain and attract strong talent is at a pinnacle,” says Heidi Bayer, principal and legal recruiter for HGB Professional Recruiting Solutions. “The pandemic forced the legal profession to become more agile, learning how to facilitate working remotely. Despite most firms bustling with people again, many are downsizing their physical footprint and implementing office sharing.”

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Never before has the businesses community needed great leaders like Bayer and the other men, women and businesses you should keep your eyes on in the coming year, including Dieter Gable, CEO of TBConsulting, who made Az Business magazine’s lists of Who’s Who in 2022.

Dieter Gable, TBConsulting

Gable leads TBConsulting, which provides innovative solutions for businesses’ evolving technology needs using a pragmatic, consultative approach aimed at identifying and delivering measurable outcomes that support organizations while containing technology costs.

ATTRACTION TO INDUSTRY: “It’s really interesting. I got a degree in finance and real estate from the University of Arizona. I was planning on going into commercial real estate, but the timing was awful. I went to work for Arthur Anderson in their management consulting division, and literally got redirected into technology. It was amazing transformation because I never looked back. I got hooked onto technology and got a chance to work on some incredible projects. One of my favorite projects I got to work at Anderson Consulting was building a lottery system. So, I got a chance to work at a dozen lotteries around the United States and internationally, working on technology projects, and got specialized in lottery security, of all things.”

PROFESSIONAL TRANSITION: “The work I did at Arthur Anderson Consulting — now Accenture — drove me to really appreciate what TBConsulting did. When I got involved with TBConsulting in 2008, I appreciated our core values of being passionate about what we do, being passionate about IT, and having the partnership mentality of always doing what is right for everybody in our ecosystem — employees, vendors, or clients. Those core values transcend everything. We always do what’s right.”

WORK AT TBC:  “We work with enterprise-level customers and we provide back office capabilities and functionality. So, primarily, those are the systems and the technology and telephony systems that the average user doesn’t see. The ERP system, the CRM, all the things that businesses rely on every day — those systems are run by us.”

STRENGTH OF COMPANY: “Innovation. We have to stay ahead of where everybody else is. We have to bring ideas to our clients and we have to do a lot of research and development for our clients. Our clients can save a lot of frustration, time, money, and energy by relying on us to give them proven solutions, because we’ll take their wishful thinking, the vaporware, and the things that vendors put out there, and we’ll test it and see what’s real and what is maybe a bit of a marketing collateral stretch that has been put out there.”

Information: tbconsulting.com

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Dieter Gable, CEO, TBConsulting

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David J. Jacofsky, MD, founder and CEO, HOPCo and The CORE Institute

Michael Jones, president and CEO, Delta Dental of Arizona

Scott Harris, site director, Peloton Interactive

Brett Helgeson, president and CEO, Adopt Technologies

John Hogeboom, president and CEO, Community Bridges

Thomas J. Inserra, chairman and CEO, Integro Bancorp.

Christopher Keeler, Gilbert site leader, Northrop Grumman

Kyle Kennedy, Arizona president, Bell Bank

Chris Koch, CEO of Carlisle Companies

Brad Krause, Krause Architecture + Interiors

Andy Kvesic, managing partner, Radix Law

Lee D. Lambert, chancellor, Pima Community College

Hugh Lytle, CEO, Equality Health

James Murphy, CEO, Willmeng

Steve Purves, CEO, Valleywise Health

Humphrey Shin, market president, FirstBank