The very first college football game was played between the College of New Jersey and Rutgers University in 1869.

Today, college football is going as strong as ever, and the fans are as passionate as any fans of teams in the NFL. In fact, they might be even more passionate.

There are many reasons to love college football, which in turn make the ticket price worth every penny.

College Football Players Give It Their All

You may think pro football sees the highest standard of play. But if you do, you have obviously never attended a college football match.

American collegiate sports scenes tend to get some of the very best performances out of players.

For one thing, the youthful energy of college football players marks them apart from older players. But more than anything, they often play in a more exciting and determined way because they are incentivized by the possibility of landing a life-changing and lucrative NFL contract.

On the other hand, NFL players already receive salaries, so it could be said they are less incentivized to put in stellar performances every time.

Ultimately, the competition for NFL contracts is always fierce and that often translates to powerful performances on the gridiron.

There Is Greater Rivalry in College Football Compared to the NFL

Sure, there are major rivalries between professional football teams, but the rivalry does not come close to that experienced by college teams. In turn, that makes the players’ performances more exciting.

Many football fans’ most fond memories of rivalry games come from college football, not from the NFL.

In fact, apart from a few big teams, rivalry at the professional level has become relatively dormant. 

The Atmosphere at College Football Stadiums Will (Super) Bowl You Over

Quite simply, other stadiums just do not compare to college football stadiums.

If you have not yet been to a game at a stadium like The Horseshoe or Happy Valley, you do not know what you are missing.

College football stadiums are what Saturday nights were made for. The stadiums are huge and when they are packed with thousands of fans, the atmosphere is unparalleled.

Draft Picks Are Incredibly Exciting

As you may know, during every offseason, the draft pick takes place. That involves the best college football players who have graduated being selected to take their first steps into the world of professional football.

Seeing which players are made available for trade and which way the bidding process goes is just one element of the excitement that comes with following college football.

And when you watch games in person, you will be even more passionate and excited about which players get picked for the big time.

College Football Is Unpredictable

NFL games are becoming more and more predictable. If you have paid hard-earned money for a ticket, you could be disappointed.

On the other hand, college football is much more unpredictable. Anything could happen at any minute, which obviously helps to intensify the excitement.

Marching Bands at College Football Games Stir Up Emotions

It may seem like a small thing, but one of the most noticeable differences in the environment of a college football game in comparison to a professional game is the marching bands.

There is something about the beating drums that stirs up emotion and helps to elevate the enjoyment of the game. Perhaps it is due to having nostalgia about our own old college days.

Players Come with an Expiration Date

Lastly, college football players only have four years to shine. That is it. So, you should go and see them play while you can.

Along with the above reasons for why college football is such a joy to watch, it should be clear why college football tickets are more than worth every penny.