While it’s easy to hire a professional Orange County window cleaner company, the challenging part would be choosing the right one. Yes, there are a lot of capable companies out there. It’s essential to find a company that resonates well with you. It would be acceptable to find by trying out companies, but an informed choice would save you time and hassle.

Window Cleaner FAQs

Should I do it myself, or is it better to hire?

Your windows will not become etched or pitted over time if they are professionally cleaned regularly. Professionals clean without leaving stains or residue, and they are trained to spot broken windows. You will save time by hiring a professional. We have all the necessary tools to complete the job in a much speedier and more professional manner.

How often do I clean my windows?

We recommend cleaning your external windows twice a year for your home. Unless you smoke, have small children, or pets, we recommend cleaning your inside at least once a year. We can work with you regularly to maintain highly exposed windows in this instance. The more frequently you have your windows cleaned, the more savings you will receive!

Why is it necessary to have the exterior and the interior cleaned?

To see the full effect of a freshly cleaned window, we strongly recommend washing both the interior and exterior of your windows simultaneously. You may be unsatisfied with your service if a smear or smudge on the interior is not cleaned by a professional. You’ll be astounded at how much of a difference it makes!

Will my window get dirty immediately when it rains just after the cleaning session?

If it rains within a few days of the cleaning, professionally cleaned windows should not be stained. Rain does not make your windows dirty; dirt does. When the dust from landscapers, tree pollen, exhaust, and other sources accumulates on your windows, raindrops move the dirt around, and the soil becomes much more noticeable once the rain has dried. Clean windows, on the other hand, stay clean after the rain since there is nothing to obstruct your view once the pure rainwater dries.

When hiring, will they bring their materials?

Yes, including ladders, Orange County Window Cleaner provides all necessary equipment and supplies for window washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, and other services.

Orange County Window Cleaner: Tips For Finding The Best

Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who has their windows cleaned by a professional, inquire about the company. Please find out how long they’ve been a customer and what they enjoy the window cleaning service the most. Inquire about the prices if you feel safe doing so. This will provide you with a good starting point.


This is one of the internet’s best features currently. Almost anything may be found with a review. If there are multiple favorable reviews but only one or two bad ones, those reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. No matter how hard the company tries, not every consumer will be satisfied. If, on the other hand, practically all of the reviews are unfavorable, be cautious and avoid that firm.

Are they legit?

Businesses should avoid window washing providers without a license or insurance. These documents show that the company is trustworthy and severe and accepts responsibility for any errors. If a worker is hurt or property is damaged, the expense is borne by them and their insurance, not by the company that hired them. Of course, the entire cost of a competent Orange County window cleaner service includes license and insurance. While picking the business with the cheapest rates may be tempting, the piece of mind alone is worth paying professional window cleaning charges.

Clean track record

It’s worth conducting little research on each candidate before selecting window cleaning services. Finding local businesses, visiting their websites, and reading reviews and comments from previous customers is all made simple thanks to the internet. A good window cleaning business will proudly show off its previous work and reviews. If they have one, look for photographs of previous jobs, client feedback, and information about their history and mission on their website or social media profile. If a company is having difficulty locating these items, they should be wary. Of course, not every business window cleaning service is active online, but learning about their track record would take a lot more effort if they weren’t. Even so, one might inquire for and chat with recommendations from delighted consumers.

Nice staff

A window cleaning business is only as good as the people who work for it. When a corporation researches another, it may come across information about the employees. However, it’s a good idea to go a step further and learn about its employment methods and training program. Of course, a company’s license and insurance are good indicators of hiring the best staff. A cleaning firm could otherwise lose a lot of money due to botched jobs and injuries. A company should make it a point to find out these details before engaging in service.

Good and working equipment

Finally, a great window cleaning business will not only hire the best workers for the job. It also necessitates the most up-to-date and efficient cleaning equipment. Scratches, smudges, and other ugly marks on windows can be caused by old, worn-down, or defective equipment. A company should inquire about the tools used by its window cleaning service and how they improve efficiency.


There will be a wide range of prices because there are many different companies. People always want to save money, so that a lower price might be enticing. But don’t forget to think about everything. Orange County Window cleaners work with glass costs between $300 and $2000. You may be in a lot deeper than that if you make a tiny error with a razor blade. In the Okanagan, window cleaning costs between $2 and $3 per side of each pane. We suggest caution if the quote is significantly lower or higher than that.