Today’s online business world is facing the stiffest of competition, mostly because the bar of entry for marketing yourself through the Internet is so low. Most anyone with enough time and effort can find ways to make an impact on Google in a do-it-yourself (DIY) fashion.

They simply need to avoid making their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts look “spam-like”, because without warning, the Google algorithm might punish them and mark their website as spam.

When Self-Promotion Isn’t Tenable Anymore

During the Wild West days of the Worldwide Web, any number of small to medium businesses can approach SEO services in a DIY manner, scoring big on the primitive versions of Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now known as Bing) with enough effort and moxie.

However, this isn’t the case anymore, particularly if you’re a manufacturing company trying to make an impact on today’s more sophisticated Google algorithm. It’s not as DIY anymore.

  • What Changed? The Internet changed. Search engines became smarter and could pick-up attempts at gaming the system faster. Past tactics that was considered valid SEO 10 to 20 years ago is now considered spammer behavior. Manufacturers can’t approach web-based promotion like traditional marketing any longer.
  • You Can’t Spam: Traditional marketing gives a lot of leeway when it comes to hard-selling your products and services to target customers. You can stuff their mailboxes full of flyers and coupons, and they won’t get mad at you. It’s not the same with today’s SEO. You can get punished for trying harder to push your website up the Google rankings.
  • Everyone Wants to Rank High: You want to rank high in the Google search result page for your keyword of choice (like something related to your industry, like automotive parts or baked goods)? Get in line. You’re playing poker with hundreds or even thousands of manufacturing companies like you, and only a handful of you can get a winning hand by design.
  • Optimization in the 2020s: SEO in the New Twenties or the 21st Century mostly involves focusing on your online marketing plan. It’s now less about spamming “electronics” all over your website articles and blog posts and more about establishing a strong brand that convinces Google your website is relevant to your designated keyword.
  • The Marketing Plan for Local SEO: Your manufacturing company needs to invest in methodical marketing plans that capture the attention of your target audience while at the same time differentiating your business from the rest of the pack. Local SEO can assist in that end by targeting specific localities or segments or establishing your base of operations.

How Local SEO Targets Your Prospective Customers in Bite-Sized Bits

Unless you’re a multinational company, it’s probably wise to start small and work your way up. Trying to get a good SERP result in a generic term like “pet food” is a monumental waste of time, such that even multinationals opt to pay for Google Ads to make themselves visible in such SERPs.

  • Approaching Local SEO with Your Location: Local SEO can be approached a multitude of ways, starting with using it to geographically target your nearest customers if you’re a local manufacturing shop in Chicago, New York, Florida, or California. Just add tag your location with your key phrase and keyword and a smaller but more focused niche are likelier to find you in the Google “sea”.
  • Targeting Different Locations with Local SEO: Your business can also connect to specific segments of your target customers or clients instead of trying to find them wholesale, thus you’ll get lost in the weeds. Local SEO makes it easier for Pensacola residents to avail of your beauty product manufacturing services. Ditto the lovely citizens of Van Nuys.
  • The Beauty of Disambiguation: Disambiguating how you’re a manufacturer of dog food with local SEO and your own personal branding is more effective at getting those clicks, leads, and (finally) potential sales when all is said and done. Disambiguate that you operate in Memphis, you offer dry dog food, and you’re approved by veterans for hypoallergenic feeds and you’re good to go!
  • Zero Search Volume Keywords: A zero search volume keyword is a keyword so specific, so long, or so rarely used in search engines that they have zero SEO value in keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush. The more you disambiguate with local SEO, the likelier you’re come across these zero search volume keywords that might even specifically target your specific manufacturing company.
  • Connecting to Locals and Local Areas: You can also pander to specific market segments by doing things like making your website have a Spanish version if you’re pandering to places like New Mexico or any cities near the border full of Hispanic people. Local SEO also enables you to specifically target clients who are most likely to get manufactured goods or services from your company.
  • Bring Greater Visibility to Your Company: Through local SEO, your manufacturing company can immensely boost your website visibility. In other words, you can make sure your site can appear at the top of the SERP results of a highly specific and disambiguated key phrase or keyword. This should be true whether users are searching with Google or Bing as well as Duck Duck Go. 
  • Local SEO and Dynamic Web Design: You can also use dynamic web design to allow the website to freely transform in accordance to the screen it’s being shown on, whether it’s a sparse mobile phone screen or a more detailed laptop or tablet screen. This connects to your local SEO by targeting specific users, like mobile users, laptop users, and so forth by your local SEO “phrasing”.

Fine-tune your online presence by having your website rank high or rank at all at local SEO that target market segments instead of going on a wild goose chase attempting to rank at generic keywords for “game console accessories”. Help narrow down the search efforts of your customers for them.

Let’s say your company makes game console accessories, and then someone searches for keywords like “Idaho PS5 accessories near me”, “Atlanta Nintendo Switch accessories supplier in my area”, and the like. Optimizing your website for those local SEO key phrases will give you ensured visibility.