5 tips to advance your career over the summer

Workforce | 12 Jun, 2015 |

Jason Dukes, founder of Captain’s Chair Coaching, a leading life, career and business coaching firm, says the summer can be a key time for individuals to advance their career. In fact it might be possible to reinvent yourself or rise above what has been holding you back. Here are Captain’s Chair Coaching’s Top 5 Tips for Advancing Your Career Over the Summer:

1. Step into Leadership When Others Step Out for Vacation

“When the boss is away the kids will play!”  That’s a great motto if you aren’t planning on advancing your career.  How about this to try on, “When the boss is away, I will step up and prove to the boss the leader that I am!”  How much more empowering is that story!  Use the time that the boss is gone to step up and into leadership.

2. Defy the Odds and Change the “Slow Time of the Year” Story

You always hear, “Oh, the summer is always slow around here.” And it will continue to be slow until someone in the company decides that it’s not going to be a slow time.  It doesn’t have to be slow, but oftentimes we forego being truly productive and slide back into the expectation that the summer will be slow for business. Be the person in your business that defies the odds and changes the story for the organization.

3. People are Attracted to your “Being”

Summer creates a new opportunity to “show up.”  Everyday you get to choose how you will show up to the world.  Summer affords the opportunity to show up in colors, excited, enthusiastic, and alive! Many people choose to show up hot, exhausted, sweaty, and agitated. Which one is more attractive?  Attract people with your being!

4. Network at Summer Outings

I love summer events!!!  Actually, I just love the summer!!!  But summer events are awesome and GREAT NETWORKING opportunities.  Also, many summer events don’t have socioeconomic boundaries, especially if you find events that attract high net worth executives.  You can rub elbows with your bosses, boss’s boss, or decision makers at events like car shows, auto races, baseball games, polo matches, horse races, concerts, etc.

5. Develop a Work-Life Balance!

Great leaders have great balance.  Use this summer to create balance in your life, and most importantly, keep it going through the rest of the year.

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