A good night’s sleep helps with job performance, but do you know just how much sleep really counts? Chances are, if you aren’t getting enough shut-eye, your coworkers can tell.

Below, find the top workplace warning signs that show you need more than a nap, courtesy of Nectar, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce mattress companies in the world.

You’re impulsive beyond control. Can’t stop yourself from grabbing all the donuts at your morning meetings? Keep visiting the vending machine for another bag of chips? Sleep deprivation greatly affects the area of your brain associated with judgment and impulse control. Less sleep leads to acting impulsively, e.g. poor eating when sleep deprived.

You’re overusing clichés. If you find yourself robotically using the same opening and closing phrases in emails and on client calls, it may be time to take a nap. Sleep deprivation greatly affects the area of your brain associated with speech, constructive thinking and creativity. With less sleep you’ll find it difficult to come up with something new on the spot.

You’re forgetful. Forgot to join a meeting or send that follow-up email? Blanking out on your new team member’s name? Without proper rest, it’s harder to remember the details.   

You’re always arguing. Sleep deprivation negatively affects mood, making you more sensitive to everyday workplace events. Lack of sleep also reduces impulse control, so it can be much harder to be polite or think before you speak. Lack of shut-eye makes it harder to avoid and handle conflict.

You’re being a jerk.  Leaders in particular should monitor their sleep habits – lack of sleep contributes to negative leadership. A good leader needs to stay in control, and when lack of sleep affects judgment and impulse, it’s hard to think about the consequences and stop yourself from lashing out.  Verbal hostility decreases enthusiasm and engagement from subordinates, so your whole team will suffer because you’re sleep deprived.  

Stop shortchanging yourself on sleep – your colleagues will appreciate it!