In this day and age, everyone is trying to be something “different,” especially when it comes to the music industry. However, Air Traffic Controller, an indie band from Boston, is breaking out of the typical music mold with swaying melodies, deep lyrics and feet-tapping beats. Their sound can be compared to bands like Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons and Brendan Benson, or in other words, a wonderful breath of fresh music.

Air Traffic Controller was started by Dave Munro, who is the lead singer and guitarist. Before becoming a full-time musician, Munro was a Navy air traffic controller and constantly writing songs and playing guitar in his free time. The band came together as a whole on the second album, “Nordo.”  His brother Richie plays the drums, Steve Scott is lead guitar and keys, Casey Sullivan plays bass, banjo and backup vocals, Alison Shipton is the violinist and Kiara Perico is on viola.  Together they create a one-of-a-kind sound that will keep you dancing from the first to the last track of the album.  Air Traffic Controller is also known to perform with an entire string section, on occasion, in addition to Shipton and Perico, creating a unique concert experience.

This new up and coming band has more than 1.8 million plays for their song “You Know Me,” which is a feel-good love duet with Dave Munro and Casey Sullivan.  They have had a track named “The Best Indie Alternative Song” by Independent Music Awards and named “Band of the Day” by The Guardian UK.  Air Traffic Controller has had music featured on several different television shows including 90210.  Even though they greatly appreciate the awards that they have received, the band agrees that, “the biggest award for us is having people listen to our music and being able to connect with our fans.”

Getting the chance to meet more of their fans across the country is what they’re looking forward to the most on their debut tour.  Air Traffic Controller is beginning to rock the industry, not only with their strong lyrics, and fresh sound but also with their humility and their deep admiration for all of their listeners.  The band agreed when Munro said, “it’s sad when we can’t visit every city to see all of our fans.”

They start their first American Tour this month, where they will be co-headlining with Tragic Thrills. Their Arizona show will be at the Electric Ballroom in Phoenix this Friday, Aug. 8.  Munro promises a good time. The band is also working on a third album, which they hope to release within the next year, featuring new single “The House.”