Regular team building outings help rekindle employee motivation and serve as a reward for a job well done. While it’s important for teams to bond outside of the office, safely transporting everyone to an off-site location can be stressful and time consuming. You have to coordinate carpool caravans, split employees into separate vehicles, and hope everyone arrives on time.

Instead, many businesses choose to rent charter buses for their teams. With their own private motorcoach, employees aren’t left to fend for themselves, and everyone can bond along the way. Charter buses (and some minibuses) come with entertainment options like TV monitors and WiFi so passengers can enjoy movies together, catch up on important client emails, watch presentations, and more. Some bus companies even allow you to drink on their buses so you can enjoy adult beverages and relax on the way to your event or activity

Here are a few offsite team building ideas for your team to try this quarter:

Organize a Scavenger Hunt around Town

Write out instructions for your team to follow for a multi-location scavenger hunt. Split everyone into two or more interdepartmental teams so everyone can meet and work with people they wouldn’t normally talk to in the office.

Ask your charter bus driver to drop everyone off at the starting location and pick them up at the end of the hunt. If anyone gets off-track along the way, your driver can pick them up before heading back to your office. Make sure each group has access to a cell phone so no one gets lost!

Host an Office-Wide Field Day

If your employees spend most of their day sitting at desks, encourage everyone to sign up for a company field day at a local park or recreational field, such as Desert West Park in Phoenix. You can organize events like relay races, basketball shooting contests, water balloon tosses, corn hole, and more. If you’re bringing food and special equipment, you can easily store everything in the luggage bays below your bus to keep the aisle clutter-free.

Tailgate at a Local Sporting Event

Have a lot of Suns or Diamondbacks fans in the office? Invite employees to a company tailgate at your office, a local restaurant, or a nearby park. No matter where you host your tailgate, everyone’s guaranteed a secure ride to the stadium when you rent a private motorcoach. Since most stadiums have strict rules about what can and cannot be brought into the venue, your passengers can store their extra food and belongings on the bus and retrieve them at the end of the evening.

Whatever activity you choose, renting a charter bus will make your job as trip organizer much smoother. Save yourself the headache of carpooling and public transportation, and call Phoenix Charter Bus Company at (480) 445-9823 for a no-obligation quote!


Dani Henion is a contributing writer at Phoenix Charter Bus Company.