Your company is only as strong as its employees. A small team of dedicated employees can take your business further than a hundred people who are unmotivated and not right for the job. Improving your hiring process is an easy way to weed out those not fit for your business, but it can be so much more. You can build a thriving team of experts who work well together and love working for you. Only then will you grow in unexpected, exciting ways.

So, get started with improving your hiring process this year by following this guide:

Create Better Defined Job Roles

If you want to hire the right person for the job, then you need to be able to clearly state what the job is and what the candidate will be expected to do. If you create a generic job listing, then you are going to get a lot of applicants that aren’t the right fit because you weren’t specific enough. Alternatively, they might realize after being hired that they are now doing a job they were not expecting and could aim to leave ASAP to apply for work elsewhere.

Allow for Horizontal and Vertical Development

The best people to hire are the ones already working for you, which is why you need to help train and develop their skills. This should be done both horizontally and vertically. Essentially, an employee should be able to train and shadow in a different department based on their interests. If they prove to be talented in that department, then you can consider them for a new role. It’s always worth looking to hire from within first, especially for an executive role.

Bring in a Consultant

Improving your workplace, job roles and descriptions is going to help you attract more applications, but the problem after this point still boils down to who to hire. After all, the most qualified person might not necessarily be the right fit for your team, and the right fit for your team may not have the best on-paper experience. By hiring a consultant from Leadership Alliance, you can improve your hiring process and find the right person for the job and not just the best person at handling interviews.

Invest in Proper Training for Every New Employee

Even if you hire the person with the best qualifications and work experience, you should always invest in proper training. Every company has its nuances, and assuming that a new employee can pick these up easily is wrong. It’s also quite rude to dump a new member of staff on their own, or without any introduction, so you should create a welcome training package to get your new hire up to speed.

Adopt These Strategies to Improve Employee Retention

Hiring the right candidate is the first step. Retaining that candidate is another matter entirely but equally as important. To improve employee retention, you will want to:

• Allow for skills development

• Offer supportive benefits

• Care for their health and wellbeing

• Allow for future progression

An employee who enjoys working for you and sees a future with you is one that will stay and work hard for years and years. Don’t ever stop working to improve their skills or your efforts.