Are you looking for a great career opportunity in the state of Arizona? Here’s how to land your dream job, according to the pros.

Did you know that Arizona will add 165,000 jobs by 2020?

This means that there is no better time to establish your career in the Grand Canyon State.

Job hunting can be challenging, however, even in such a promising market.

If you’re wondering how to land your dream job, keep reading for tips that actually work!

1. Know Your Skills

Before you plunge into your job hunt, take the time to identify your particular skill set. 

This can help guide your career more directly than most assume. It’s more valuable to apply for positions that harness the potential of your skill set rather than those that simply match your career aims.

Doing so also ensures that you are honing your strengths–and acquiring new ones likely to be essential to your dream job down the line.

Be as comprehensive as possible when identifying your skill set. Note technical as well as social skills, for both prove vital in most workplaces.

2. Craft a Stellar Resume

In a competitive job market, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to submit an exceptional resume to a potential employer.

Shoddy resumes, or ones that do not highlight your skill set, are less likely to lead to that coveted interview. After all, resumes are designed to give employers a snapshot of what you have to offer.

Your resume should be concise, and it should emphasize exactly what you can bring to a company or employer. Less successful resumes may cite irrelevant experience.

We strongly recommend investing in resume writing services if you are interested in truly taking your resume to the next level.

3. Search in the Right Places

How broad is your job search? Are you able to relocate to any city in Arizona, or are you searching in one specific region?

Tailor your job search accordingly, and consider if you are willing to relocate. Some employers will cover the cost of relocation if they are truly eager to hire you.

Make use of the appropriate resources as you search for your dream job in Arizona. These include job boards like Indeed or Monster.

However, you may also wish to research specific Arizona-based companies that align with your career aspirations and skill set. Most companies will also list openings on their websites.

Employment centers can also connect prospective employees with employers.

4. Write Unique Cover Letters

It may be tempting to send the same cover letter to employers–or to skip them entirely!–but be sure you are writing unique cover letters for every application.

Employers can spot generic cover letters more easily than most assume. What’s more, cover letters are not superfluous–they give applicants a chance to share their voices beyond the bounds of a resume.

Craft a concise, authentic cover letter for each application. Make sure to address relevant experience in your cover letter, but emphasize what you can specifically offer a company.

5. Follow-Up

If you don’t hear from an employer within a few weeks after submitting your application, don’t be shy about following up. Send a professional email inquiry.

For applicants who don’t land a job, reach out to the employer. Ask about what would have made your application stronger so that you can be better prepared for the next application.

Treat this job hunt as a learning experience, and you are bound to succeed!

How to Land Your Dream Job

You could be living and working in the Grand Canyon State before you know it. Keep these tips at hand to do so.

Now you know all about how to land your dream job in Arizona. What comes next?

It’s also vital to stay current on industry trends while you job hunt. Learn more about how you can do so here!