Many consider business fashion a cookie-cutter style wasteland rife with bland polo shirts and pencil skirts. However, renowned creative agency knoodle is giving office couture a makeover by helping companies navigate the minefield of fashion faux pas with its newly announced menu of image management and personal styling services.

To provide the most dramatic and effective client fashion transformations, knoodle has retained the talents of style guru Cathy Harrelson. Harrelson rose to fame in Beverly Hills, styling celebrities, TV personalities, movie stars and studio executives.

The fun “knoodle style” process begins with a tour through a client’s existing wardrobe to address their style questions and educate them on what cuts, colors and brands will work best for them. With this knowledge in hand, clients then graduate to knoodle’s shopping boot camp where Harrelson provides real-world style advice and expert guidance during trips to a local fashion mall.

“Image management goes beyond just picking out a few clothing items for someone,” said Harrelson. “I give them the education and confidence needed to develop a polished look for them and their brand.”

Knoodle recently applied its personal styling services to its own team, with Harrelson reinventing the style of each employee, closet by closet. To glamorize their office wardrobes, knoodle took the team for an afternoon of shopping with Harrelson and gave every member a $100 style allowance.

“After consulting and shopping with Cathy, my employees had an instant boost in confidence and were excited to show off their new fashion skills in the office,” said knoodle CEO Rosaria Cain. “This self-empowerment and the benefit of a good first impression to our new clients is a priceless achievement.”