Making a great first impression on consumers is important if you want to achieve your business goals. The average consumer forms an impression about your business in around seven seconds. Approximately 55 percent of shoppers claim their first impression of a business is based solely on appearance. Failing to provide consumers with the visual indicators they need to form a good opinion about your business can result in a lot of missed sales opportunities.

Focusing solely on the appearance of your storefront is a bad idea. You also need to make sure your employees are presentable and respectful to customers. Employee uniforms are one of the best ways to make your business seem more trustworthy and established to potential customers. Here are some of the signs you may notice when it is time to invest in high-quality employee uniforms.

Your Customers are Starting to Complain

Providing a great customer experience is a surefire way to have success in the world of business. This experience extends far beyond friendliness and an organized storefront. Customers need to be greeted by employees who are dressed appropriately and ready to help them find the item they need. If you have received several complaints from customers regarding the way your employees dress, it is time to nip this problem in the bud.

Instead of allowing employees to pick their own attire, make this decision easy for them. With a great uniform design and the help of a Shirt Embroidery professional, creating a great look for your business will be easy. Employees who deal with customers are the embodiment of your business, which is why investing in employee uniforms is a smart idea.

Problems With Employee Identification

When a visitor to your business needs help, you need to provide it to them promptly. If a consumer has a question but is unable to identify the staff, they may get frustrated and leave. Forcing customers to play the employee identification game is a horrible idea that could backfire in spectacular fashion. Simplifying this process will no longer create the familiar frustration with your customers.

Not only will this help visitors to your storefront identify who works there, but it will also allow them to see a staff member’s name. With this information, a customer can easily report particular good or bad service to you or the manager in the store at the time. If you are constantly hiring new team members, these personalized uniforms can also help you avoid calling someone by the wrong name and dealing with the embarrassment that follows.

Fixing Employee Safety Issues

In some cases, the need for employee uniforms has nothing to do with appearance. If your business is located in a warehouse with lots of forklifts and other machinery cruising around, alerting the drivers of these machines to an employee’s presence is wise. The most effective way to keep employees out of harm’s way is by providing them with brightly colored shirts to wear while at work.

These bright colors will instantly stand out. When a forklift driver sees a team member walking around, they can slow down and operate their machine safely. When paired with effective forklift driver training, brightly colored employee uniforms can help you avoid serious on-the-job accidents.

A Great Way to Boost Employee Morale

Have you received a number of complaints from employees about how others are dressing? Dealing with employee infighting can be exhausting. Allowing these issues to persist can lead to a reduction in overall morale. The lower your employee’s morale gets, the harder it will be to keep them productive and loyal. Fixing this issue once and for all is only possible when implementing employee uniforms.

If all of the uniforms look alike, there should be no complaints about the way other employees are dressing. Before you choose a design for your new employee uniforms, be sure to reach out to team members for some suggestions. Making everyone feel like they are part of this process can also help boost morale levels.

Choosing the Right Employee Uniform Design

Once you decide it is time to invest in employee uniforms, you have to get to work on finalizing a design. Most newcomers to the world of employee uniforms are surprised to learn just how many options there are. Instead of rushing through this design process, weigh all of your options to ensure no mistakes are made.

Selecting the Right Fabric

The first thing you need to consider when choosing employee uniforms is what fabric to use. Making sure the fabric used is both appealing and comfortable to wear is vital. If your employees work in a particularly hot environment, using a moisture-wicking fabric is advisable. If your main concern is comfort, then using breathable material like cotton is a must. Consulting with a uniform supplier can help you figure out what fabric works best for your needs.

Make Sure the Design is Reflective Of Your Brand

Another important factor to consider when choosing employee uniforms is branding. Choosing a uniform color that is indicative of your company logo is smart. If your logo is multi-colored, using a solid color background to embroider the logo on can be helpful. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with their uniforms is a lack of color consistency. Getting some advice from a knowledgeable uniform supplier can help you avoid these mistakes.

Personalizing each of your uniforms can also be helpful. Consumers want to put a name with the face that is helping them out. Making this easy for your customers can help you gain their trust and loyalty.

Don’t Ignore the Need For Employee Uniforms

The main reason why some business owners ignore the need for employee uniforms is cost. The money paid for these uniforms will be worth it, considering the increased appeal they will provide your business. Getting multiple quotes from uniform suppliers in your area is the best way to see who can provide the best price on what is needed.