March 26, 2019

Erin Brassey

Sweatworking becomes the trendy new way to network

Business is all about who you meet and who you know, and now it’s about who you know at the gym. Sweatworking is the new networking trend showing up across the nation. This new networking technique allows you to spend some extra time off the clock with others in your industry and make connections while getting in your daily workout. Check out these 10 great ways to start your sweatworking career today.

Charity Runs

There is no better feeling than giving back to your community, so why not make a connection while you’re at it? Run or walk alongside clients and start a casual conversation about ways to improve business while supporting the community.

Group Classes

Zumba, yoga, pilates, no matter what class interests you, drop in. There is no better way to make a connection with someone than to bond over a shared interest. Wear something with your company logo on it to class and strike up a conversation on a drink break.

Salon Time

Now for the ladies, how do a blowout and a mani-pedi sound? After a nice workout, relax with your colleague at the salon. Get pampered by the professional beauty assistants, and swap ideas with your colleague about how to improve business.

Free Weights

This workout will allow a lot of sweatworking possibilities because you and your co-worker can move at your own pace. You can do a set of reps, spot each other when necessary and take some breaks when you need a little more time for shop talk.

Cafes and Juice Bars

Caffeinate and rejuvenate after a good workout at a cafe located inside many gyms and fitness clubs. These little hidden gems have the perfect environment for you sit down with a potential client and have a relaxing discussion.

EoS Cinema Cycling

Not only can you bond with co-workers over your favorite workouts, you can now create another connection by watching a movie. Some EoS Fitness locations offer a cinema room filled with bikes, ellipticals and treadmills with a movie projected on the front wall. After the movie, you can talk about the movie and casually slip in a little business.

Rock Climbing

There is no better way to build a business relationship than to build it on trust. Rock climbing gives you the perfect opportunity to support your clients in a new way. Belaying your client means that your client is putting a whole new level of trust in you which will only strengthen the working relationship you have.

Cyclebar Themed Nights

Why not have a little fun while you sweatwork? Cyclebar theme nights allows you to not just hit two birds with one stone, but three. First, you’re going to get in a great workout as you cycle for 45 minutes. Then, you can share some laughs while enjoying themes including Happy Hour, Brunch and Trap Tuesday. Finally, as the class winds down, you will have a chance to fit in some work-related conversation.

“Buddy Up”

Partner workouts are another great option because there are a lot of opportunities to talk business. You can slip it in while being the support partner for instance while holding down your colleague’s feet to get some good sit-ups in. Pre-workout chats, water breaks and cool-downs are also ideal times to discuss some business ideas.

Steam Rooms and Saunas

At the end of the day, it is always nice to let a little steam or heat open our pores while relaxing with a good old fashioned exchange of ideas. You and your co-workers can appreciate the no pressure environment for pitching some improvements.