The 3 industries that DON’T pay women less

Everybody knows that on average, women earn less than men, but have you ever wondered how the pay gap fluctuates between industries? 

FreshBooks,  the No. 1 small business accounting software that makes billing painless — surveyed self-employed women about their experiences to compile the 2018 Women in the Independent Workforce Report.

Here are some highlights of key findings by industry: 

• Self-employed women in construction earn 38% less than men (compared to traditionally-employed women in construction earn 2% less than their male peers)

• Women make up 80% of healthcare – but are paid 35% less

• There are only 2 industries where women earn more than men. They’re paid 24% more in I.T. and 29% more in marketing and communications. In education, they break even.


(Based on annual median revenue of self-employed individuals with 5 clients or less)

Arts & Entertainment

Men: $13,298

Women: $12,844

Construction & Trades

Men: $29,921

Women: $18,648

Creative Professionals

Men: $12,185

Women: $11,497

Health & Wellness

Men: $25,599

Women: $16,658


Men: $17,186

Women: $17,165

Information Technology & Support

Men: $20,601

Women: $25,449


Men: $36,671

Women: $19,827 

Marketing, Communications & Media

Men: $17,602

Women: $22,639