Digital transformation is the use of new and fast-evolving digital technology to solve business problems. Keeping up with the digital transformation in the running of a business isn’t an option as an emerging tech boom reshapes the way we work and in particular, how we practice HR.

Companies dragging their heels to embrace emerging technologies should consider how the population has come to expect direct access to personal data and important information in all areas of our daily lives. Rather than struggling to get staff and employees to engage in this constantly evolving arena, employers are facing research that has revealed that workers have expressed that technology is an increasingly important factor in being happy on the job. 

Innovative Services

Putting HR in the hands of employees gives personnel 24/7 access to their private data.  Holidays can be requested from the comfort of home and employees have the freedom to enroll in benefits, view payslips or submit expenses themselves, giving them individual control and making them feel part of a modern company capable of providing innovative services, rather than being part of a company that has ceased to evolve.

A PWC technology survey has recently found that close to 40% of the 300+ companies they surveyed have core HR applications in the cloud proving that the digital transformation of HR is upon us. In this report, it was found that half of the organizations surveyed linked their cloud implementation to an increase in the use of self-service tools for HR-related transactions. 

You will find that any good HR Software Company will integrate with other platforms, like Zenefits and Gusto, so when considering which types of software to integrate with your central HR system, it’s important to contemplate the following:


Payroll software not only has the potential to save employers the most amount of time, but the increased data accuracy and security means less need to manually re-enter and data check.


Integrating your recruitment with your core HR system can make your hiring procedures quicker and more effective, giving new employees a better impression of your organization from the start. 

Timekeeping and Attendance

Using time and attendance software to connect these systems will improve your reporting on staff working patterns and holidays. This will give employees a more seamless user experience without the risk of duplicated or inaccurate data.


Details of new starters, leavers or pay and benefits entitlements are automatically reflected in both the HR system and benefits system when a full integration has taken place, again, reducing the occurrence of data errors or incorrect pay and tax calculations.


Often a painful and time-consuming part of HR’s administrative workload, this can also be integrated into your main HR system making for a seamless user experience.

Of course, your considerations should not be limited to the above. You will need to identify the areas that are the most time-consuming in your company as well as the implementation process itself which can vary from platform to platform. Proactively preparing for the switch can save both time and money down the road.