February 19, 2019

AZ Business Magazine

Top 10 signs a security audit is overdue

It’s the first quarter of a New Year and businesses are already busy reviewing budgets for ways to save money. One line item that can impact business the most -- loss. Employee theft alone is a crime that costs U.S. businesses $50 billion annually*, according to Statistic Brain.  So if you aren’t sure who is keeping watch over your property and assets, and how they reduce preventable loss, it might be time for a security audit.

According to GuardOne,the industry-leading security patrol and remote video monitoring company, more than 400,000 businesses in the United States experience theft, robbery, vandalism, and criminal acts each year. The company advises that all businesses should consider the reality that thefts and other crimes can happen on their premises. They note that having the right systems in place can prevent these occurrences.

“Some types of businesses – such as banks, convenience stores, and high-end retailers – are a natural target for theft. But if you have the right security partner your employees, guests, and property will be protected,” said Robert Copeland, President and CEO of GuardOne. “We are experts at using video monitoring in conjunction with security guards to maximize coverage while minimizing security costs.”

It may be time to reassess your security needs if” your company is:

                    “Securing your business helps your staff and customers feel more comfortable, knowing that you’re taking concrete steps to prevent crime and keep them safe. Many companies have found that investing in on-site security was one of the best choices they ever made,” says Copeland.