From cubicle farms to cafeteria food, life at the office can be pretty boring and, at times, annoying. But some companies have figured out that if you get a little creative, and offer a few extra perks, it can go a long way toward keeping employees happy – and more productive. Scottsdale-based telecommunications company Nextiva is gaining recognition for its emphasis on a positive, productive company culture, offering a wide range of amenities to employees typically provided by major national companies.

It is not unusual to hear about major tech giants, such as Google or Facebook, using their resources to promote a positive, productive company culture. Well, local firms are approaching company culture in this same way, particularly Nextiva. This rapidly growing locally based telecommunications firm is taking a new-wave approach with company culture usually only seen in national companies, providing a whole host of various perks and incentives in order to foster the best environment possible for their employees.

Their benefits include lots of free food, flexibility, stress-relieving activities, and more. For starters, employees never have to frequent vending machines because Nextiva offers free catered breakfast every day, catered lunch on Fridays, free healthy snacks all day, free coffee, a fully stocked kitchen and even vegan kitchens to accommodate staff dietary restrictions and choices. For those with difficulty balancing work and outside life, Nextiva offers flexible scheduling for school or other obligations, as well as flexible “Zen” scheduling designed to stagger employee arrival to cut down on emissions from high volume traffic during rush hour and lessen employee stress

“I think that our company culture helps our staff feel connected at work,” said Thomas Gorny, CEO of UnitedWeb, parent company of Nextiva. We care about the wellness of each of our employees and our emphasis on positive company culture shows the value we place on our teams,” he said.

Employees are also regularly rewarded for their hard work, with weekly raffles for cash and incentive programs where they can earn prize money in good-old fashioned competition with co-workers. The company also provides amazing medical and dental insurance packages, giving employees peace of mind as well as saving them money. Health and wellness is very important with the company, as there are bikes around the office that can be taken for a quick ride, as well as a fully stocked game room and entertainment center with ping-pong, pool, and video games.

And yes, they’re hiring. Nextiva’s approach to company culture is paying off, as the company is exploding with growth. The company is preparing for technology, service and VoIP platform enhancements and expansion and is on track to hire more than 150 new employees during the year.

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