Wyyerd Fiber, a fiber-to-the-premise Internet Services Provider, announced today it has begun construction of its 100% fiber network across the city of Goodyear.  

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“As we expand our coverage across the entire West Valley, we are thrilled to launch service in Goodyear, one of Arizona’s fastest growing cities,” said Wyyerd’s Arizona President and General Manager Travis Nance. “We understand that with Goodyear’s explosive growth, the value of critical infrastructure and advanced technology are top of mind for the city.  We look forward to offering the option of 100% Fiber Internet throughout Goodyear, and continuing to create local jobs in the process.”

Wyyerd offers a full suite of services to residences, businesses, enterprises, carriers, and non-profit partners including government and education entities.  With this new expansion in Goodyear, Wyyerd will offer thousands of additional locations its Fiber Internet and phone services, as well as enhanced security and network controls applications.

“Fast, reliable and easily accessible broadband is crucial for our residents, schools and businesses,” said Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzillo. “The city of Goodyear is committed to working with providers to expand broadband infrastructure in the city and we are excited to welcome Wyyerd to the community.”

“Goodyear is not only one of Arizona’s fastest growing cities, but it has also been a leader in innovation, supporting industrial and data center growth that are catalysts for advancements in digital infrastructure across the West Valley,” said Wyyerd CEO John Scarano.  “We look forward to supporting this growth and innovation by bringing the option of 100% all-fiber Internet to residents and businesses across the city of Goodyear.”

Community leaders, business leaders, and residents are encouraged to inquire about service in their areas, by visiting wyyerd.com or calling (623) 455-4500.