In honor and celebration of Women’s Golf Day, and as a catalyst for Women’s Golf Month, PXG has announced that it will give nearly 100 female employees across the globe June 1st off to enjoy the golf course.

Led by Renee Parsons, President & Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, the ladies of PXG – approximately 20% of the company’s team – will join forces with thousands of golfers to raise awareness and support for women playing golf. This is a natural initiative for PXG which has always championed unequivocal inclusivity as a core value for the company and its leadership.

Renee Parsons and her husband, PXG Founder & CEO Bob Parsons, have long supported issues related to women and girls. On average they donate a million dollars every 14-days through The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation and, since the Foundation’s inception, have donated more than $9.5 million specifically to women and girls related causes. Beneficiaries of the Foundation’s support include organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley, Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine, Chrysalis Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Women Moving Millions, and Live & Learn.

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The couple’s focus on supporting marginalized populations extends beyond philanthropy to include everyday business practices and partnerships too.

In an email to the PXG team, Renee Parsons shared, “From club building and operations to retail and marketing, the women of PXG make us a stronger company.”

She also explained the importance of Women’s Golf Day, “For PXG, this day is about togetherness. We want to give the ladies of PXG the opportunity to connect with a global movement that encourages women to join forces in support of each other’s wins, on and off the course.”

Bob Parsons further added, “In every business I’ve built, strong women have helped pave the way to company success. This is no different for PXG. I am proud to count so many women among our #PXGTroops and am thrilled to give them the day to play golf – a sport that definitely needs their increased participation.”

The decision to support Women’s Golf Day with meaningful action was met by a collective cheer across the organization. Women and men alike celebrated PXG’s public commitment to helping raise global awareness, advocating for inclusivity, and encouraging participation.

Many of the ladies of PXG offered insight into their personal relationship with golf and touted what makes PXG different.

“Women’s Golf Day highlights much of what I love about fostering inclusivity in the game worldwide. It’s about bringing together golfers from different walks of life (race, gender, age, occupation, etc.) and enjoying a four-hour round. If I can use my platform as a female fitter and leader with PXG to help grow the game and provide others a role model in their journey, I consider that a huge success personally and professionally.” – Jasi Archaya, PXG Sales Specialist

“For the PXG Accounting team, which consists of 75% women, several of whom are new to the sport, the Women’s Golf Day initiative allows us to become part of the PXG team of golf fanatics.” – Ronda Altvare, PXG AR Specialist

“I’ve been in the golf industry for over ten years. Before joining PXG I never had another teammate or colleague who was female. It’s amazing to be part of a company where 20% of the workforce is women, especially when many of the roles held by women are senior and management! I also love that PXG reflects inclusivity in our workforce and our product lines by ‘making golf clubs for golfers’ and not categorizing clubs into men’s and women’s brackets. This new initiative, whereby we get to kick off Women’s Golf Month by being encouraged to take the day off and go play golf is the icing on the cake!” – Rebecca West, PXG UK Territory Sales Leader

“As a team, diversity makes us more interesting and a better reflection of the world today. The opportunity to do better and be better through our work unites us as PXG Troops. I look forward to spending Women’s Golf Day on the course to enjoy the spirit of camaraderie and fun that golf so perfectly supports.” – Leela Brennan, PXG VP of Brand Communications & Engagement

“When I first started at PXG six years ago, it was truly a startup. Since then, I have been given the opportunity to work on various projects, from club assembly equipment and our club packaging program to a golf glove and a magnetic putter slot on our hybrid stand bag. I am proud to be a part of a company that’s not only experiencing insane growth but also a company that makes inclusivity a consistent priority along the way.” – Candace Chen, Design Engineer

“Having been in the golf industry for the last 15 years of my life – from Outside Service to Head Pro, Director of Golf to Director of Operations and now the Director of Supply Chain – I have seen first-hand how few programs and leagues are available for women, especially beginners. Anything we can do to help drive interest amongst female golfers, regardless of skill level, the better off the industry is as a whole.” – Nikki Nielsen, PXG Director of Supply Chain

With the entire female workforce out of office on June 1, PXG Social Media Director Colby Villa is planning ahead. “I manage a team of female golfers and am beyond excited for them to have a day off to enjoy the game they love and support daily. On 6/1, we may have to put up a ‘Gone Fishing Golfing’ sign for social media support!”

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