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Arizona cities defend progress after slipping in clean energy ranking

20 Oct, 2020

Local officials pushed back this week against a new report that showed three Arizona cities slipping in a national ranking…

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Here’s why investing in renewable energy yields higher returns for a better future

28 Sep, 2020

Dr. Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha, CEO and chairman at Bar Trading Japan, recently explained why renewable energy is the future…

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5 cool facts you didn’t know about solar power

22 Sep, 2020

Everyone knows that solar power is a popular way to power modern homes, including homes off the grid. However, there’s…

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Solar energy usage in Nordic countries

20 Sep, 2020

The substantial advancement of solar energy usage in the Nordic countries can hardly go unnoticed. The ever-increasing curiosity and interest…

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Cox and SRP ink deal: SRP solar will power 30% of Cox Phoenix power needs

5 Aug, 2020

Driving positive environmental change inside the company and within the communities served — it is a legacy challenge for Cox…

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Top applications of biofuels

20 Jul, 2020

With the need for more environmentally friendly energy sources, scientists are racing against time to ensure that they develop the…

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The magic behind solar power

20 Jul, 2020

While most people know the cost and environmental benefits of solar power, few know how they actually work. The magic…

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The best solar financing options for your home

15 Jul, 2020

If you are looking for ways to cut energy costs or basically help to conserve the environment, then opting for…

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SRP customers set records for energy demand over weekend

13 Jul, 2020

Salt River Project (SRP) on Saturday and Sunday delivered a record amount of energy to its Phoenix-area retail customers. Between…

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Should you get solar panels? A guide on how much they cost

22 Jun, 2020

Did you know that over 90% of Americans are in favor of expanding solar power? Not only can it make…

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