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Who Should Own Social Media at a Company?

30 Sep, 2013

Who should manage a company’s social media presence? According to a new survey by The Creative Group, it’s a tough…

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Twitter IPO is Prompting Changes for Users

30 Sep, 2013

About two months ago, our lead social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations started noticing interesting changes involving the Twitter…

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Top 9 tips to navigating social media for the socially exhausted

26 Jul, 2013

In today’s world, I find it interesting that social media has become prevalent in most small businesses. For me, this…

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The ROI of Social Media

10 Jun, 2013

I was never a fan of the cocktail party-variety networking scene. I will never be one to dart around a…

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Social Media: Great Resource for Small Business

30 May, 2013

Are you taking advantage of social media in your small business? According to a recent report by the Social Media…

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Pope’s on Twitter – If You’re Marketing, You Should Be, Too

24 Dec, 2012

His handle is @Pontifex and 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI can tweet in eight different languages on his brand new Twitter…

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Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills

7 Jul, 2012

Social Media Day Sharpens Effective Online Skills As the Internet makes its way to the forefront of our lives, it’s…

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Social Media Marketing For Startups

14 Jan, 2012

Social media is a continuous topic of curiosity for small and large businesses alike. For startups, it can help get…

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Social Networking Apps For Your Phone

28 Aug, 2011

Mobile phone social networking apps are great. I can tune out the boring parts of my day (like school, work,…

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Social Media Series: Using Social Media Content to Inform Employment Decisions

3 Jun, 2011

This article is part of an ongoing series about social media in the workplace. We’re interested in your feedback/questions, so…

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