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A quick guide to SMS marketing for small businesses

19 Jun, 2018

We send dozens of SMS messages each day, and the younger we are, the more that figure rises. SMS messages…

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5 smart ways to protect your data on social media

13 Jun, 2018

The Facebook data breach opened a Pandora’s box of concerns for social media consumers. The company estimated that data firm…

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3 easy steps to take control of your social media experience

10 Jun, 2018

Does all this talk about data and sharing on social media have you confused? Is your feed too noisy and…

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Here’s how to avoid the downsides of social media

29 May, 2018

Our social media platforms are bombarded with images showing seemingly perfect people living seemingly perfect lives. They also show the…

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Social media in 2018: How to drive ROI in an era of mistrust

29 May, 2018

In light of the recent Facebook data breach and rampant fake news, more and more people are taking a break…

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Here’s how social media can get you into trouble

24 May, 2018

Social media has gradually evolved, changing alongside shifting norms. “Fifteen years ago, politics and religion weren’t talked about online,” said…

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5 ways to get customers to return using exit intent

16 Apr, 2018

There comes a time in any website visit when the person looking at your site decides that they want to…

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Here’s how to avoid the dangers of social media

6 Apr, 2018

With recent news that the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook data compromise was larger than originally thought, with up to 87 million people…

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You are only worth this much on the dark web

3 Apr, 2018

Chances are that you’ve heard about criminals buying or selling stolen personal information on the dark web. That’s not news, but…

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Facebook will bring Community Boost event to Phoenix

28 Mar, 2018

Facebook is bringing its Community Boost program to Phoenix this summer to help small businesses grow and equip people in…

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