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Here’s the net worth it takes to be in the top 1% for Arizona

27 Jan

The top 1% of Americans have a combined net worth of  $34.2 trillion, according to Federal Reserve data last updated Oct. 19,…

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6 ways to protect your finances in a recession

21 Jan

If our current economic situation feels familiar, that’s because it’s not unlike recessions we’ve experienced in the past. The continued…

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5 reasons to start building wealth at a younger age

14 Jan

While motivational speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki will make building wealth seem easy, the truth is it is a lifelong struggle. It’s…

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7 fundamental tax tips for entrepreneurs

13 Jan

Being an entrepreneur is one of the best things to happen. When you are running a business or a startup…

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Questions you may not have asked about credit card limits

12 Jan

While millions of people may know their credit card limits, they may never have stopped to ask some critical questions…

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Top 4 strategies for investing in dividend stocks

11 Jan

Investing in stocks is a perfect idea for people seeking long term investments. However, earning from stocks is mostly determined…

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5 questions to prepare for 2020 tax season

1 Jan

The 2020 tax season is set to be one of the most difficult yet due to the changes implemented in…

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Have we moved on to digital cash management for the better?

31 Dec, 2020

Introduction to Cash Management Cash management is the collection, investment, and disbursement of cash flows while maintaining the liquidity of…

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Do credit repair services really work?

30 Dec, 2020

Thanks to increased information and awareness, more and more people have come to realize just how important their credit score…

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4 ways to finance your start-up

29 Dec, 2020

Are you ready to jump in and start your own business? The hardest part in this adventure is finding the…

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