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9 retirement planning tips to avoid running out of money

7 Aug, 2021

How can someone effectively plan for retirement so they don’t run out of money? To give you confidence that you…

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4 tips to teach your teen financial responsibility

19 Jun, 2021

Financial education is often not covered in school, so it is essential that parents, mentors or care providers teach children…

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4 ways to financially adjust to life as empty nesters

16 Jun, 2021

As parents, you’ve probably spent the last 18 or so years prioritizing spending money on your children, their activities and…

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2 Valley cities among Top 10 for most financially secure seniors

22 May, 2021

A 2019 report from the Federal Reserve on the economic well-being of U.S. households says that only 37% of Americans think…

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Here’s how the growing wealth of women impacts business

20 May, 2021

In 1965, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want…

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How women can take control of wealth and achieve their goals

25 Apr, 2021

Women are the new face of wealth in the U.S. According to Financial Advisors magazine, they control more than half…

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The 411 on dental deductions in 2021

25 Mar, 2021

This year, while the federal tax deadline has been extended, Arizona state taxes must still be filed by April 15,…

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7 key questions to consider for this tax season

14 Mar, 2021

The pandemic brought with it a number of changes that could impact your taxes. From unemployment benefits to stimulus payments,…

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Considering bankruptcy? Don’t believe these 7 common myths

14 Mar, 2021

For consumers weighed down by debt, bankruptcy may sound like the perfect solution. But while it may seem like an…

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Chase hiring at least 100 financial advisors in Metro Phoenix

11 Mar, 2021

J.P. Morgan Wealth Management announced today plans to hire more than 100 financial advisors in the Phoenix metro area by…

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