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ASU engineers offer insight on Tempe railway bridge collapse

5 Aug

The Union Pacific Salt River Bridge, a technological marvel at the time it was built in 1912, has survived more…

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Arizona highways are deemed deadliest in nation, report says

20 Jul

Arizona highways are in generally good shape, but they experienced the highest rate of fatalities in the nation in 2018,…

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ADOT rolls out new dust detection system to help drivers on Interstate 10

1 Jul

Dust storms in Arizona can blow up suddenly, and the patch of desert between Eloy and Picacho Peak is especially…

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Temperature screenings begin today for all Frontier Airlines passengers and team members

1 Jun

Frontier Airlines today instituted temperature screenings for all passengers and crew prior to boarding flights. Anyone with a temperature of…

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Why the future of flying is up in the air

25 May

After the terror attacks of 9/11, air travel took a major hit. People were terrified to fly. Tickets were heavily…

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Phoenix Sky Harbor will require face coverings

21 May

The health and safety of customers and employees is Phoenix Sky Harbor’s top priority. Effective June 1, Phoenix Sky Harbor…

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Frontier Airlines allowing passengers to guarantee empty middle seat

4 May

Frontier Airlines passengers can now reserve a ‘More Room’ seat assignment – with a confirmed empty middle seat next to…

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Annoyed by slow drivers? 3 reasons you should never tailgate

16 Apr

We’ve all been stuck behind another vehicle traveling slower than the speed limit. Sometimes the reason is obvious like when…

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Driving’s down – and that’s driving down insurance claims, premiums

15 Apr

While social distancing and staying at home may be driving you up the wall, it could also be driving down…

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Here’s how COVID-19 may alter the future of how we navigate work and leisure

1 Apr

There has been a significant drop in automobile use both across Arizona and throughout the country in the wake of…

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