• Experience AZ Magazine’s New Website Launches - Read Article

    Experience AZ Magazine’s New Website Launches


    Phoenix, June 6, 2011 Celebrating its debut last week, ExperienceAzOnline.com is designed to help local and out-of-town travelers plan their Arizona itineraries with its unique “Where to Eat,” “Where to…

  • Finding Filipino Food in Phoenix - Read Article

    Finding Filipino Food in Phoenix


    Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican… But, not once have I heard Filipino food as a plausible suggestion whenever it’s “let’s mix it up and not have pizza tonight” night. So…

  • Experience AZ Magazine Is Now Online - Read Article

    Experience AZ Magazine Is Now Online


    Experience AZ is officially online! ExperienceAZOnline.com offers everything found within the Experience AZ magazine, including statewide activities as well as options for lodging, dining, shopping, and so much more. But…

  • Boating Adventure at Saguaro Lake - Read Article

    Boating Adventure at Saguaro Lake


    With the start of summer freshly upon us college students, my friends and I decided to start the much anticipated break with a memorable trip. What better way to celebrate…

  • Three Tablets Ready for Work - Read Article

    Three Tablets Ready for Work


    In a very short two years the tablet market has lit up like a wildfire and business executives have a plethora of options. The iPad still reigns supreme, with an…

  • Lake Havasu - Read Article

    Lake Havasu


    Lake Havasu, the self-proclaimed “Watercraft Capital of the World,” is located on the Colorado River’s reservoir on the border of California and Arizona. For 450 miles, it marks the Lake…

  • 10 Top Discoveries In Arizona - Read Article

    10 Top Discoveries In Arizona


    10 Top Discoveries in Arizona There are many mysteries about Arizona. Before it was officially established as the 48th state in 1912, and far before colonization, there was life here.…

  • Superstition Mountains - Read Article

    Superstition Mountains


    The Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction can be regarded as both a paradise for hikers and treasure hunter’s alike, offering beautiful scenery as well as a chance to escape from…

  • Tombstone - Read Article



    After being nicknamed “The Town Too Tough To Die,” it’s no surprise that Tombstone in southern Arizona is still very much alive after first surfacing in the late 1870s. Even…

  • Grand Canyon - Read Article

    Grand Canyon


    The Grand Canyon is Arizona’s greatest tourist destination. With countless outdoor activities and a fascinating history, it attracts over five million visitors every year, and offers an activity for everyone.…