The high cost of disengaged employees

Small business | 15 Aug, 2013 |

$550 billion: That is the cost of lost productivity thanks to disengaged employees. Build your team, build your business. Having your own space at work has its advantages; we all want that corner office, right? But research suggests that consistently working alone lowers morale and affects overall work ethic.

We invite you to use this infographic to learn how team building exercises not only connect and encourage the employees involved but can be profitable. Here are a few facts:

* 70% of employees feel they are not engaged in their jobs

* It costs 1/5 of an employees salary to replace them (pays to keep them happy)

* 18% of employees were emotionally checked out in the office in 2012

* 27% of employees feel they are involved in important decisions

Going Mobile: Mobile Email Infographic
Via: BOLT Insurance

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