With a new year comes new décor trends, making it the perfect time to try out a new look in your apartment. In 2022, there are trends like we’ve never seen before — no longer are we focusing on “bigger is better” and bright colors and patterns.

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We’ve all been on a roller coaster during the last couple of years, so it’s time to strip it back and relax a little! Here are 10 apartment décor trends that you’ll want to try in 2022.

1. Vintage

The vintage vibe is coming back for multiple reasons. On top of the unique look that can only be achieved with older pieces, vintage décor is more sustainable than the modern style. Rather than buying brand new pieces that have taken extra energy and materials to create, upcycle and reuse already-existing antiques for a one-of-a-kind look without further damaging the planet.

2. Emphasis on comfort

Comfortable bed

We’re now spending more time than ever at home, with many companies allowing their employees to work remotely 100 percent of the time. And when we spend so much time in one place, we want it to feel comfortable and inviting. Many of us would rather snuggle up on our cozy couch and settle in to watch a movie, rather than sit awkwardly on a piece of furniture that isn’t comfy.

For this reason, some apartment-dwellers may opt for furniture and decorative accents like pillows and throws that don’t have quite the look they want but are more comfortable to them. However, there are still plenty of comfortable and stylish pieces to choose from!

3. Neutral colors and earthy tones

Stripping colors back to more of a nature-focused vibe is calming and less distracting than some past trends with bright colors and busy patterns. Colors like Sherwin Williams’s Evergreen Fog and Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495, both of which are their respective Color of the Year, are soothing and not too much of a distraction. Choosing colors of both paint and fabrics that are shades of white, beige, gray and muted greens and blues will keep things feeling relaxed and cozy.

4. Natural materials

Along with colors, using natural materials will further invite a calm feeling to your apartment. Rather than choosing wood furniture that’s been painted a specific color, opt for some pieces with a natural wood finish. And instead of using synthetic fabrics, choose materials like cotton, linen or wool for upholstery and accent throws and pillows. You can even use flowers to add a little bit of color, such as dried lavender, and pair it with a matching paint color, like Pantone’s Color of the Year. As a plus, using natural materials often has less of a negative impact on the environment.

5. Black accents

Black accent walls

Since more of the neutral tones will be prominent, it’s hard to add depth to a space. Going with black accents, like kitchen hardware and picture frames, adds more depth without being overwhelming. It’s a subtle way to catch your attention without going overboard on bright colors. And black is an easy color to match with almost any style and theme in an apartment.

6. Natural lighting

It’s been found that spending time in natural light helps you focus, maintain more positive emotions and be more productive. As we spend much of our time at home, we want to keep ourselves exposed to this natural light to keep us in a better mental state.

Furthermore, natural lighting is more calming than LED lights or other harsher lighting that comes from a bulb, and allowing light to come in from outside can make your apartment feel larger.

7. Texture

Textured accents on couch

We used to focus on adding variety to a room by using lots of bold colors. But that can distract and make it hard to focus or relax at times. Instead, adding more texture will be a nice change that diversifies the space. Going with a combination of textures in neutral tones adds a fun look to any room, whether it’s different textures in textiles, wood or wallpaper.

Add a chunky knitted throw to your couch along with a faux fur pillow. Use wallpaper with embossed designs. Put a beveled vase on a side table. There are so many different textures, the sky’s the limit!

8. Sustainable bedding

Being conscious of the planet is very much becoming part of people’s decorative choices. That includes not just up-cycling old pieces of furniture but also using sustainable fabric and bedding. Such bedding uses organic, natural fabrics created through low-impact processes and without harmful pesticides. You can find everything from sheets to pillowcases to duvets that are all sustainable!

9. Bathroom tech

Smart homes have already become popular, praised for being energy-efficient and convenient, but now it’s moving into the bathroom! It might sound silly and many think “what technology could possibly be added to the bathroom?” There are many cool gadgets that can turn your bathroom into a more convenient part of your apartment.

Smart toilets have seat warmers, open automatically and even have speakers. Smart showers allow you to control the exact temperature and pressure of your shower and save water and energy. Interactive mirrors can give you reports like what the traffic is like, the temperature outside and appointment reminders, so you don’t forget about them before you start the day.

10. Open concept

Open concept apartment

The idea of an open concept or open and airy spaces has slowly become more popular over the last 20 years. It’s an assumption that only large homes could feel open, but as we’ve seen more recently, even a small apartment can feel large and open if it’s situated the right way. An easy way to make a room look and feel more open is with simple furniture that’s lower to the ground vs. unnecessarily bulky pieces.

Ring in the new year with these décor trends

Kick-off 2022 with these décor trends in your apartment! Even if you aren’t planning on going all-out and updating everything, there are simple changes you can make that will make a world of difference in how your apartment looks and feels. Now, give these trends a try in your apartment!